Welcome (:

by Creative Food Therapy

♥ Welcome and thank you for visiting! ♥

Two days ago I was cleaning and came across this card, I knew the time was right because I have wanted to start this blog for some time.  Sometimes life gets so heavy and we start to feel like maybe all the good work we do is for nothing.  But, the truth is, it means everything.  I find that the more I believe the more help I continually receive. Even something as simple as ‘accidently’ finding a card, reminding me that each and every one of us is planting seeds in our everyday and within our lives and within the lives of others. So, make it good, make it positive, make it love.

There is so much I’d like to share with you all, I will be doing that here for everything and anything I feel will bring awareness.  I look forward to sharing with you all and hearing from you as well (:

~ All of my love and light ~


❤ Jennifer ❤