I believe in you always.

by Creative Food Therapy

“Until you start believing it, surround yourself with those who believe it for you.”

It is SO important that I found this quote.  And it thrills me because for as long as I can remember, I have always explained how important I believe this truth to be.  When those I love go through tough times I feel it dire to remind them that it is ok if they have lost faith momentarily, because I am here believing it for them, that I am here to believe in them and their dreams for them until they can find their way back to hope.

It is important to remember to surround ourselves with those that lift us higher.  It’s nearly impossible to avoid those that will challenge our beliefs and our dreams but that is apart of our growth and journey towards self.  There would be no lessons learned if everything was made easy or handed to us.  I at the point in my life where I have grown to appreciate the bad as much as the good.  However, keeping our most positive friends and family closest to us, shows the universe a conscious effort and pledge to the love we have for ourselves and our purpose.  As we have all grown to learn, the universe rises up to meet us with whatever energy we regularly put out ☺

~ All of my Love and Light ~


❤ Jennifer ❤