No one can stop you, not even yourself.

by Creative Food Therapy

It’s a bold statement, I know!  Especially in an age where the saying “we are our own worst enemy’ exists.  Yes, of course there are times that we get in our own way, sometimes repeatability but that is our higher self presenting us with experiences we need to have for us to learn the lessons we have come here to learn specifically.  If we don’t get it the first time the same situation will present itself to us until we figure out what it is we need to know.

It is so important to explain how I feel when I say that no one can stop you, not even yourself because I had this moment of truth last night as I learned I was officially accepted to NYU for my MA in Art Therapy.  Going back to school for my MA was something I had been thinking about for quite some time, I dare even say the first thought originated over 6 years ago.  I would discuss it with close friends and family, some supportive, others not so much and would even go as far as to try and scare me away from the idea.  I still have memories of being in high school and people telling me I’d never get into college with my grades.  Regardless of what people thought of me or said to me, after high school I graduated and was accepted into one of the top art colleges in the country.  Now years later, I will be receiving my MA from NYU, where the first Art Therapy MA program in the USA was founded.

No matter what, Art Therapy and the idea of my MA always found its way back to me.  Something would always present itself, as well I started meeting people randomly in the field.  It was always right there waiting patiently on my shoulder.  Then, one day about 6 months ago I decided on a whim to apply to some universities and so I did and the rest is history, as they say.

I want to share this with all of you amazing souls because it’s important that you realize and acknowledge that dream, that little voice inside you whispering, reminding you what it is you truly want so that you may go for it.  I believe there are multiple paths available to us, but most of them do include our dreams at the finish line.  You just have to believe and put in the work.  And by work, I mean whatever it is you’re doing in this moment, live to the fullest, because yes I work within the creative field but I have never had any first hand experience with Art Therapy.  Yet NYU saw something in me, they saw all the hard work I’ve put into becoming the person I am, enough to know I have it in me to heal and facilitate change in a positive and possibly global way.

I am here to tell you now, today, to go for it!  If it feels right to you forge ahead and always know that if you are being true to your heart, yourself and those around you in life, you will succeed.

And always remember, no matter who or where you are, when you have those moments where you’re tired and everything seems a little too heavy, I am here believing for you, always  (:

“I am not telling you it is going to be easy, I am telling you it is going to be worth it.”  ~ Art Williams