Our Guardians.

by Creative Food Therapy

My last post was about realizing the depth of power and strength we have within us to become exactly who it is we know we are meant to be.  In fact, the true meaning behind the post was that regardless of how steep the climb, all pathways lead to where it is we need to be, it is just a matter of time, action, patience, trust and the will to believe it so.  When these important aspects become harmonious, any challenges will turn to life lessons and we begin to find ourselves working from within our dreams as apposed to outside of them.

What I didn’t touch upon in my last post though, is the guidance we are all continuously receiving.  Even for those of you that regularly feel alone on this journey of yours, you are never truly alone.  I believe it to be so important that whenever we receive help, we recognize and thank our source of guidance and pay it forward however we can.  I’ve done this for years unconsciously and I’d bet anything you’ve done the same.

I can be as stubborn as they come.  It took me years, I mean years to get to the point where I asked for help, but I can remember it clear as day.  It was a little over 9 months ago and I was at the end of my rope.  I had exhausted every emotional, mental and physical avenue, yet nothing seemed to be working out.  I felt stuck, weighed down, helpless and as though those around me were unable to understand me energetically and spiritually.  One bright and sunny Saturday I felt an urgency to go out into the yard and sit.  No reading, no music, no planting, just sitting.  Something I had regauraly done for years but lost that part of me that was so connected to nature.  I sat and let the sun hit me for a while, then I did it.  I asked for help, it was more like a plea actually.  I didn’t ask for a new job or the love of my life or even money, I just asked for help, for guidance.  I asked for something, anything, a sign, and a nudge in the right direction!  In my emotional despair, I had forgotten that I have been nudged in the right direction this whole time, we all are.  But if we don’t hit that low, then what else will catapult us into action?  What else will force us to question everything and make the adjustments we are fated to make?  I sat there in the yard for a little while longer and then went along with my day as usual.

 Within that next week or so something magnificent happened.  I stumbled upon Sherri Cortland’s Book ‘Raising our vibrations for the new age’.  The colors of the cover and the title drew me in and I had to read it.  Well, in reading the first two chapters, it was as if the floodgates had opened!   The book alone was assisting me in heightening my vibrations but then I started receiving help from every direction and in every area of my life.  As I was half way through Sherri’s book I stumbled upon ‘The Three Waves of the Volunteers and the New Earth’ by  Dolores Cannon.  I knew in my heart I was supposed to read this book immediately after Sherri’s.  Between the combinations of the two I had been reminded of my own infinite power.  At this time, not only was I getting signs aggressively but also I was having the ‘tools’ I needed practically handed to me.  I would go to bed each night and wake up every morning with a smile and a feeling of pure happiness because I felt as though I now had the answers I needed, and I still do everyday.

I was so inspired I decided to write Sherri Cortland, letting her know how greatly she and her book had influenced me.  Not even two days later she wrote back!  She was everything I thought her to be and more, bringing true meaning to the term  Lightworker.  Through Sherri I met spiritual teacher and life enhancer Shelly Wilson who encourages individuals to live an authentic life.  Shelly is a Usui/Karuna Reiki Master as well.  Shelly has been a guiding force of light for me and continues to do so everyday through her radio shows “Believe in Believing” and “Journey into Consciousness”.

Since the moment I decided to ask for help and received all that followed with open arms I have quit smoking, went from vegetarian to vegan allowing my body to become as physically healthy as it is spiritually and mentally, took on a new responsibility and title at work, have been accepted to university for my MA, and most importantly?  I found everything I have ever needed, in myself.  I found that everything I wanted was right here the whole time, waiting on me.  The things I mentioned above are life changing but the truth is they only manifested when I found peace within myself.  We become the most valuable asset to ourselves and to the universe when we find our peace within.  As well, there is a rhythm that is found, a harmony in every day.  The second I provided myself with the help I needed, I was able to leap ahead and begin this life I have so longed to live of providing others with the same help, allowing them to acquire the ‘tools’ and confidence needed to achieve their highest potential spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  That feeling of being so weighed down, confused and helpless is replaced with an overflow of energy and feelings of effortlessness.  I am not saying life becomes perfect!  We are not here to live ‘perfect’ lives, however instead of living in doubt, each day is lived within a place of knowing, and that is where dreams come true.

My purpose in writing this post is so that you understand you are never truly alone.  We all have our guides and our guardians, some we can see and some we choose not to.  I’ve been lucky enough to find those that have lifted me right when I needed it the most, but I believe only because I had the strength to know when to ask for help.  I was so afraid, but I am here to tell you the second you let that fear go and ask fully from your heart, you will receive the help you need.  You are looked after and loved, constantly.  And if you are at a point in your life where that is just too hard to believe, know that I care and my hope for you is eternal.

♥ All of my love and light ♥

~ Jennifer

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The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth 

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Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

 by Brian L. Weiss

How to Avoid a Stupid Man: A Woman’s Guide to Attracting Her Soul Mate

 by L.E. Coleman

I’m Spiritual Dammit!: How to Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Your Head in the Stars

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Marianne Williamson

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