Sing me to sleep grandma?

by Creative Food Therapy

Mary Venezia Rivelli couldn’t hold much of a tune, yet that didn’t stop me from asking her for as long as she was alive, to sing me to sleep.  In fact, my grandmother singing to me is one of the fondest memories I have.  So much so that I myself intend to do the same for my own children and my children’s children someday.

Her favorite songs to sing to me were ‘it’s a sin to tell a lie’ by Fats Waller and ‘A – You’re Adorable’ preformed by Perry Como.

When I was being fresh she would tell me ‘you’re going to miss me when I’m gone, you watch!’.   What happens when you tell a 15 year old that?  Well, I agreed with her, with a light heart and a smile.   But there is nothing light about the presence and feelings of loss, especially when it hits right where you love the most.

Life is so precious and it’s so important that we recognize what we have, when we have it.  Sometimes we become so conditioned and instead of appreciating the love we receive we begin to expect that level of great love from those people in our lives that give it so selflessly and freely.  However, when they are gone we are left with the harsh realization that true happiness lies in the amount of love we are able to give in our everyday, not just when it’s convenient.

I feel blessed to have come to this realization long before my grandmother passed.  My grandmother and I told each other how much we loved each other everyday,  up until she drew her last breath.  But that only came with age and understanding, as I grew up to realize how much my grandmother had been through.  She worked through the war and waited for the love of her life, Pat, to make it home safely.  He did, but not without being shot a couple of times first.  Loss touched her life early with her brother and parents.  Only later in life to have not one but two open heart surgeries.  As well, the loss of her older sister and her one and only true love, Patsy.  Even through all of this my grandmother remained a strong, wonderful, lively, smart, funny,  good hearted woman.  She would have been 88 today.

Cherish those that are closest to you, those that show and give their love without limitations or expectations.  Know what you have while you have it so that instead of feeling regret, you smile with a heart full of knowing that you loved them as completely as you could have while you had them  (:

♥ Happy Birthday Grandma ♥

♥ Above all, I miss your hugs and kisses the most ♥

© 2012 Jennifer Santaniello