Part of the Solution.

by Creative Food Therapy

When I started to become more self-aware I naturally became more conscious of my thoughts.  I noted how my thoughts in connection with my words and my actions worked simultaneously to shape my reality and me.  Additionally I learned my thoughts, words and actions affected and continue to affect all of those around me.  Much like others I know, I learned that one the hard way.  Since then, I have vowed to make a conscious effort to bring as much positivity and light to my life and those lives around me.  I have noticed in life there are moments that shake our very foundation.  Sometimes these moments wake us up for a bit, but for those of us that are ready?  We are never the same.

While in college, one particular elective jumped out at me.  The title was ‘Affirming Diversity’ with Professor Lawrence Watson.  Growing up I was fortunate enough to live in a very culturally diverse community.  Even so, I was excited to take the course feeling as though I had a bit of an advantage. I realized two classes in that I had a lot to learn!  The combination of our family and friends, environment as well as our behavioral responses to experiences leads to our conditioning, which in turn helps to create our reality.  Until something or someone comes along and challenges that, we stay within that stream of consciousness.  What we are subject to has a huge part in determining our state of mind and awareness towards ourselves and towards those around us.  Until we reach that age where we feel comfortable taking over the reins, we are essentially sleep walking.  Even before this course, I had always taken an interest in social justice and equality regardless of the issues.  Much more so then those around me, some might even say to the extreme in certain situations.  I have always been told to get over it, that it is just the way the world is, but that isn’t the truth.  That is the way the world works for those particular individuals who believe it so.  My truth is, I have always had an unyielding determination to help people understand that we are all equal and come from the same place.

I’ve had one wake call after the other, always allowing me to take my truth and light that much further.  If you’re where I am at the moment, you’ll understand when I say such an awakening can be bittersweet.  We start to see everything as beautiful, as bright and just the way it should be.  We become appreciative even in life’s darkest moments, yet many around us are not seeing it that way. People are still being so negative, condescending and manipulative.  They are lying, loyalty is practiced only when convenient and racisms and biases still exist, seen and unseen.  It’s not easy, but I choose to take it one day at a time. If someone has something negative to say about me or someone else, whether they feel it to be personal or impersonal, I try to bring up the lighter side of the situation.  And this applies to our closest friends and family as well, they have free will to think, feel and act as they wish and so do you.  If someone is bashing the character of another you are not obligated to agree just because you have a connection.  Sometimes when someone is being negative and cruel I will not say anything at all.  It took me a while to be able to do this because I felt guilty.  Even though I didn’t want to agree or join in I felt by not at least acknowledging what they were saying I would make them feel bad about themselves. But, What about the protection of my energy and my good intentions?  What about the guilt I would feel after adhering to such nasty or negative intentions and energy?  I have learned that it isn’t doing me or anyone else any good to comply with any form of negativity or injustice just because I feel I might hurt others feelings by not joining the pity party or bashing.  If I don’t challenge the wrong doing and negativity of others, if I am not constantly challenging those who believe they are superior, if I am not trying to be part of the solution, how will others get it?  How will they begin to understand and then how will things ever change?

Don’t be afraid to be who you are and never be afraid to fight for what you believe is right for yourself and for others even if it goes against the grain or everything you’ve been taught.  You are not alone.

When we are good to ourselves, when we become increasing good to those around us, we become a part of the solution.

☆ Shine on, you are all bright stars ☆

♥ All of my love and light ♥
~ Jennifer