by A Story of Light

There has been quite a surge in discussion on the topic of ascension especially with December 2012 just around the corner.  I have been reading endless information on the subject.  Much of the information seems to go into explanation of how our ascension comes about and how we ourselves can help.  Yet, rarely within this sea of information have I read why?  Why are we ascending, what is the point?  What does this mean and what happens after our shift into the 5th dimension?  I feel some may be left with the idea of ascension as this one time grand occurrence that happens instantaneously when we are ‘done’ here and that there is no looking back.  What if I were to suggest the possibility that you are in the midst of ascension as you read this?  Suggesting as well that many of you have been going through ascension for some time now.   Maybe ascension is as simple or as complicated as we wish to make it.  There is so much more to the ascension process that occurs beyond our conscious awareness.  Our discussions about ascension have worked as a tool to aid us in keeping our consciousness working hard while all along complex energies work tirelessly all around us.   As you continue to read this post I ask you to please let everything you have ever heard, read and learned of ascension go, even if just momentarily and instead of thinking about its meaning, feel it and remain open to some added possibilities that lay within my message.

How would you feel if I were to suggest the possibility that there have been individuals as well as groups, who have mastered ascension, only to come back to our 3-D plane to aid others?  Ascension seems only natural to me as the next step in our spiritual evolution but at no point in my awakening to the subject have I ever believed that mastering ascension would be the end of our collective journey.  Our spiritual nature has always been to learn and to explore.  With everything I have come to learn and know of myself, I am not sure I believe that our exploration as love, energy and light ever truly ends.

Since I can remember I have been fascinated with the Native American culture, always holding a strong respect and admiration for the people.  From when I was young my life always became entwined with that of Native American influences.  I noticed my most significant relationships involved souls who have incarnated into the Native American culture or have some ties to it within this lifetime.  So, I knew eventually I would have to figure these synchronicities out to help me understand certain aspects of myself.   I needed to become aware of and address the cycles in this current lifetime that were still affecting me from my own incarnation as a Native American woman hundreds of years earlier.  While reading Dolores Cannon’s ‘The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth’ detailing her past life regression work in depth, one particular past life regression session involving a woman by the name of Suzanne caught my attention.  I had already been completely fascinated by the information being brought forth within these regressions but now with this particular regression, my questions regarding ascension and my own personal questions with regards to crucial points in our history and the history of certain Indian tribes began to make sense to me.  I was obviously meant to read this and something moved me at a soul level.  Am I directly connected somehow?  Or is it just my job to bring forth this information for others?  Either way, I was elated to have found it!

It is believed widely among the spiritual community that there have been prior shifts to higher dimensions by groups of people in the past who have shifted en masse.  It is said that particular groups such as the Mayans and certain North American Indian tribes became very advanced in their development, changed vibrations and chose to make the shift together.  Many of these groups seemingly disappeared with no clues left behind as to what happened to their civilizations.  Many spiritualists like myself believe that they shifted collectively to the 5th dimension.

Within the Dolores Cannon past life regression session I speak of, the client Suzanne, once regressed had noted that she was able to see in front of her a fort of some kind that had been built in the side of a mountain, built into the stone of the mountain itself.  She called it a ‘Native American place’.  Both Suzanne and Dolores believed this place was on the etheric or 5th dimension and was no longer of the 3-D earth.  I say no longer because Suzanne goes on to explain that at one time this place may have been of the 3-D but that it along with the people of the land had ascended, increased their vibration and shifted.  Suzanne and her tribe had either manifested similar circumstances where they went or they moved into another dimension that already had these similar surroundings of which they came.  She explained that it felt like earth but it was now vibrating somewhere else as if an overlay of the dimension over the earth, like a parallel in that universe or something related to earth.

Suzanne described her home to be much like earth in that there were stones, trees and mountains and that it was all very natural.  Her interests and work were with the spiritual realm and healing.  She described herself as male, young and clothed in very simple woven material.  Suzanne went on to say that people were born and raised but at some point it seemed that they had lived on the earth and changed somehow and moved off.   Her tribe had a consciousness of the earth and could perceive it from where they were within another dimension.   What seemed to might have happened was the band of people somehow reached a point of changing frequencies, all having the same experience.  The whole society was able to transcend.  It had been talked about by the tribe and was something that was worked for, the people had aspired to do this.  Suzanne’s tribe knew there were other tribes around but these other tribes were separate.   Suzanne’s tribe was an advanced spiritual group, and had much love and respect for earth and the forces within it.  She also spoke of how she kept seeing a blue stone, Lapis Lazuli.  The stone is connected to where the souls within the colony came from originally, and is symbolic of the people themselves.  It seems they were from somewhere in the cosmos.

It was also mentioned that Suzanne’s tribe had teachers for some generations, the wise people.  And they were taught with meditation, as a tribe.  There were only a few hundred people.  Suzanne believed they had experienced the shifting before fully moving over to the alternate dimension.  They would go and come individually and in groups.  They were able to go back and forth.  They became practiced in it so that they could all make the shift together.  The people of the colony just knew and there was never anyone to tell them about ascension.  It was explained by Suzanne that they were never from earth to begin with, but came to earth to establish a colony, already knowing mentally they could transport themselves and move.  It was always about exploration and to see how and when they could accomplish it for themselves and as a group because if they could accomplish this in their advanced state, then they were able to see that in the future for the entire planet.

Even though shifting seemed natural to the Indian tribe as the next step in their evolution, it seemed as though some of them were asked to come back to 3-D earth.  These particular souls knew some things that would help the people currently incarnating.  Even though the souls who had shifted were returning they didn’t particularly want to leave, however there was great compassion felt for all people.  These particular souls who had evolved and ascended wanted to share what they could with others and so they came back.  Happiness is found where we stand from within and so shifting and ascending has never been a matter of being happier somewhere else, it has always been about the excitement of learning and the experiencing of new things.  The “here” or “there” doesn’t matter.  It is about the exploration, the excitement and what it is to learn and be active in our thinking.

I would like to remind everyone that we are all on different levels of our spiritual progress and ascension, absorbing and emitting light at our own pace.  Some of us are consciously working with these energies and shifts and some of us are currently working unconsciously yet there is no difference between us, because we are the same and have come here to accomplish the same things, just in very different ways.  We are precisely where it is we are meant to be.  We are here to learn explore and experience so let us try to be as loving, understanding and compassionate as possible with each other and with where we all are presently on our journeys.

♥ All of my love and light ♥



I have included some links and books below on ascension, enjoy!