Jeremiah Stephen’s `Sphere(s) Pondering with the Heartmind’.

by Creative Food Therapy

My post today is about an author I’d love for everyone to know.   Jeremiah Stephen has a voice that will undoubtedly create huge waves of positive change and awareness.   He has already done so with his wonderfully written and thought provoking blog ‘Knowthesphere’ and now with his first book `Sphere(s) Pondering with the Heartmind’.   Within this post I have included both his blog and book links.

Humble, compassionate, informative, raw, divine, spiritual and wholehearted are only some of the words I would use to describe Jeremiah Stephen’s `Sphere(s) Pondering with the Heartmind’.   I was able to fully relate to many of the authors personal experiences, particularly the journey one must take inward in order to learn to live from within our own “Heartmind”.   As well, I was able to experience pure moments of exploration into new “Spheres” of thought regarding the most significant and meaningful parts of our human experiences at a core soul level.   It is no coincidence this book found its way to me, and if you’re here reading this, it is no coincidence that you find yourself here as well.   Reading this book will open you up, flush you out, and inspire you.   Assisting you in forging new waves of thought that will allow you to become more aware and to live authentically from within a place of true love, because this is the message read loud and clear from the rich pages of this book filled with love and light.   Jeremiah Stephen has undoubtedly provided us with what we need to go deep within by taking us on an exploration of his own “Spheres” of thought and life experiences.   He has gently laid before us the tools needed to help ourselves and those around us through awareness, thoughtfulness, love and kindness, reminding us all along that even though we all work from within our own “Heartmind”, we are all connected within one big “Grand Sphere”.   I will be reading his book over many times and I look forward to whatever this author may have in store for us next!

Jeremiah Stephen’s `Sphere(s) Pondering with the Heartmind’ Amazon link!

Jeremiah Stephen’s ‘Knowthesphere’ Blog link!

♥ All of my love and light ♥


~ Jennifer