I Remembered You The Moment I Met You.

by Creative Food Therapy

“You’ve been my soul mate and mentor, I remembered you the moment I met you, with you I knew god’s face was handsome, with you I suffered an expansion.

We can all relate to this wonderful expression through lyrics created by the incredibility talented musician Alanis Morissette.  If fortunate enough, we get to a soul level where not only can we relate to these lyrics but we can pin point our relations and how others have helped us to forge ahead allowing us to ‘suffer an expansion”.  The word suffer itself means to feel pain or experience great discomfort in body and mind and although I am sure many would use the word suffering to describe the circumstances surrounding their past or broken relationships, truly it is none of the sort.  Anything that forces us to reach down deep inside ourselves, shuffle things around, rip, sow and mend is ultimately the experience and the love we needed to grow bigger and better in who we are to become.

I wont say I have been through it all, but I have been through a lot.  I have been hurt by my friends, family, strangers and hurt by the death of those closest to me.  I have created the hurt myself as well and in those situations I eventually learned the importance of forgiveness, of forgiving myself for hurting others and forgiveness of those who hurt me. I could go into detail but then this would quickly turn into a 30 page thesis on the psychology of personality and behavior, so what I want to touch upon are some key points I wish I had been able to read when I was going through some of these core soul relationships.

We all know the saying “You are the company you keep”.  I find this idea quite interesting because I feel its meaning holds many faces.  For one to even understand the magnitude and true sense that we are the company we keep, I feel we need to experience an immense amount life and its lessons first because it would mean being able to understand all aspects of ourselves as well as those closest to us.  Sure, it can be simplified.   Bonnie and Clyde, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, and Frank and Jesse James represent the simplest meaning of the terms.  They undoubtedly found each other in finding the darkest and most evil parts of their souls through one another and the result was catastrophic.  Yet on the complete other end of the spectrum we have souls who unite in pairs whether it be as friends or significant others, in groups and networks with the purest intention to set forth love and compassion, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, Oprah with her enormous network and best friend Gale, John, Yoko and the Beetles, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, PETA, World Vision, The Gentle Barn and so many more.  As well, when we hone in on our own relationships and ties we can examine just what this saying means to us, how the meaning touches our own lives and the lives around us.

When I was younger I had this utopian belief that relationships with family, friends and guys I dated had to be perfect in order to be true.  I still hold high regard for the meaning of family, friends and those I date because no one acquires these titles easily by me.  Yet, what I have learned through life is that nothing and no one is perfect, nor do I wish them to be any longer.  Relationships through life can be rough, broken, dirty and sometimes cruel and it is meant to be that way.  How else are we to learn about others and more importantly about ourselves?  About how we wish to be treated and what we want and do not want?  I believe it is when we are forced to look into the mirror as a result of the relationships we hold that finally allows us to grasp the true meaning of “We are the company we keep”.  We can try our hardest to keep the best company possible, but until we ourselves adjust and fix what it is we do not love and appreciate about ourselves, we will continue to attract the company we presently keep.  I am finally able to say I love the company I keep, but it was hard, hard work on my part and most of it, if not then all of it had to do with me.  The moment I made myself happy, I stopped accepting those who offered half of themselves, those that were selfish and those who were manipulative.  This took deep soul searching and sometimes it entailed me looking into the faces of those I didn’t trust and asking, what aspects of myself do I see in this person?  If I found there were parts of myself that I recognized in someone else that I didn’t love, I worked my ass off to change it.  Sadly, as well I found that there were relationships that were never meant to last.  Before incarnating here there are souls that we agree to meet and form relationships with and sometimes these relationships are only meant to last for a short amount of time.  I go further into this in one of my earlier posts titled ‘Relationship Villains’.  I found that some souls and relationships were in fact not a complete reflection of me and that they were continually bringing me down energetically.  These were relationships that I had outgrown due to my own soul evolution and the raising of my own love-outsource and vibration.  This was a sure tell sign for me that my cycle with these particular souls were over and so I let go, just as it was meant to be.  I am not one of those spiritualists who believe it is important to only keep the souls that are at my soul level beside me, if that were the case we would never be able to help each other and learn from one another.  Yet, if there are soul relationships around us that are one sided or that contain an overwhelming amount of negativity and malice, it is in our best interest to break away.  Don’t ever let anyone convenience you that letting go is quitting.  It simply means you choose to accept what is best for everyone involved.  I found a quote once that reaffirmed this for me and I will share it:

“It’s okay to ‘give up’ when the person you’re racing is headed towards the wrong finish line.”

I found with every soul expansion I experienced I had to let go of some relationships, but the relationships that came into my life as a result of me clearing old negative or stale energy, were absolutely incredible and held the same vibration energetically as me or higher! For me this has resulted in some swift and gigantic soul and vibrational shifts in the past year or so.  This doesn’t mean the relationships I hold now are perfect, it just means that they are perfect for me and in each relationship I hold the person and I give and care equally and so it naturally works.  There are ups and there are downs, but because there is a balance, they are the type of relationships that last forever and that is a powerful force with an immense amount of love that is put out regularly.

There have been a hand full of times I have met souls and thought to myself “I remember you somehow”.  After everything I have been through and learning of what I believe our true origins are, it all makes sense now.  We all know each other, from way before this life and the significance and power becomes tenfold with regards to those in our closest circles and those new souls coming in to our lives presently that are playing such a huge role in helping to co-create our life’s path.  When you meet someone who is associated with someone you do not care for or come into a group of people you have just met, do not judge them by just one person within that group.  All of them are learning something from each other as you have learned many things from many people, that even if you do not associate with currently, you needed at one time.

I am quite sure Alanis had one particular relationship in mind when writing this quote and that is the True Love Soulmate and or Twin Flame relationship.  Again, this is something I go further into detail about in one of my earlier posts titled ‘Our Awakening and Twin Flame Reunions’. Everything I said here applies to every single relationship you will ever have including the love of your life.  What I will add is this, do not rush it because in rushing it you create exactly what you may fear the most, resistance.  In turn resistance can perhaps create strain within the relationships you currently have.  There have been many times were I have recognized the soul behind the eyes.  It happens everyday, but it has yet to happen with regards to my Twin Soul in person.  Somehow, I have this overwhelming feeling that is about to change drastically, and within the next seven months.  Having actually written this out for the first time ever and publically, I think it will be interesting to see what happens, so, check back in!

♥ All of my love and light ♥


~ Jennifer

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