Inspiring Blog Award.

by Creative Food Therapy

Thank you James of ‘‘ for the nomination!

Both your blog and your support are inspirational and mean a great deal to me!  It feels incredible knowing so many of us are searching for truth and love, and finding it piece by piece together 🙂

7 things about myself that have not come appeared on these pages:

1. I have a Russian Blue Kittie Cat named Isis and a Red and White Siberian Husky named Shane.

2. I collect horror films, even the really bad ones.  I know I know, really?!?! Haha Yes.

3. I pierced my own eyebrow in college.  After it was ripped out as I was changing, I decided to get it done professionally.  I threw in the Marilyn piercing as well.  I also had about 6 different color and cut hairstyles.  Ranging from pink and red to fire (a gradation from white and orange to red).

4. I became a Vegetarian over night, 11 years ago when I was in college and turned on the TV to find a program about the production of chickens.  The scene I am still unable to erase from memory was of an enormous steal machine shooting live chicks through its pipes, breaking their limbs and wings as they chirped in agony.  I haven’t looked back since and became Vegan about 7 months ago.

5. I am often visited by loved ones and friends who have past both in dreams and in the physical world but I don’t talk about it often.

6. There was a period of time where I found a physical and mental balance through boxing and it’s training.

7. I am fascinated and have always wanted to visit Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, since I was young.  I will get there some day!

Pass this on to 7 other blogs you find inspiring and explain why:

1. acts as a constant and gentle reminder of what love is in all of it’s many facets!

2. is completely inspirational and a blog that will have you reading beginning to end!

3.  I can not say enough about this blog, inspirational, real, raw, loving, truthful, compassionate, it is endless!

4. is a breath of fresh air!  Much of society now lives and dies by it’s material possessions.  Mark’s blog sheds some light on this harsh reality and opens the door to a truth that is starring us in the face, less it more.

5. continually challenges us, asking us to go deep to try and understand aspects of ourselves we have yet to explore, completely inspirational!

6.  the name says it all for me, the way home.  James’s words have a way of reminding me of everything I already knew but had perhaps forgotten, of providing me that feeling of safety while still allowing my thoughts to drift off to endless possibilities!

7. has a little bit of everything, and when I say a little I mean a lot!  Everything from incredible crafts to yummy food ideas, right down to the questions and answers of life’s toughest questions, inspirational in every which way!

I feel so honored to have come across every single one of these blogs and all the blogs I visit daily!  Thank you to all for bringing so much love and light into my life everyday!!!!!!!!

♥ All of my love and light ♥