You Have Come For Knowledge, There Will Be Pleasure.

by Creative Food Therapy

“You have come for knowledge. 

There will be pleasure. Because knowledge is sexy.

There will also be pain. Because knowledge is torture.”

 ~Jeff Noon


With knowledge comes awareness, or at least this has been my experience.  In learning about any one particular subject we expand our awareness and broaden our knowledge with our perception in the process.  However, I find that along with the accumulation of knowledge comes the weight of responsibility to act upon what we learn and that is what I feel Jeff Noon was writing about with his quote that knowledge is both pleasure and pain.  I find the desire to share what I have learned, especially in the last year or so, is bigger then ever.  It is not so much that I feel I have found the answers to everyone’s question, it is that I feel I have found the answers to mine and in doing so maybe I can help others do the same.  Maybe I can help to spark some idea or thought leading others to find the answers they seek as well.

I can recount an evening where my sister Tina and I were discussing a case study.  My sister is a school psychologist and thought it would be beneficial if we had discussed some of her experiences and the experiences of her colleagues, being that I had plans to attend graduate school for Art Therapy.  She could see how happy and excited I was at the prospect of this new venture into the next chapter of my life.  My sister knew my intentions were set in the right places but wanted to make sure I understood the severity of the work involved in the field of therapy.  She began to tell me about one particular case study where a therapist had been counseling a child about the age of 6.  They were discussing the child’s home life while the child drew freely on a piece of paper.  Seemingly out of nowhere the child began to imply that she was being molested.

In discussing this case study my body tensed up, my heart dropped and I could almost feel what that therapist must have felt upon hearing such news.  Putting myself in that therapists shoes, coming to the realization that I too will come into these situations and when presented with the reality of the situation I felt in that moment that even though I knew this work could prove rewarding, it would be at the expense of everything I had come to understand or know life to be.  Comfort as a norm would be chucked out the window, never to be heard from again!  All I could think of was how I could one day put all of my intense schooling to work, yet in hearing the details of this case study it was all starting to feel bittersweet.

Having the skill and knowledge to help this small child is paramount for me, or for any therapist, yet at the same time torturous and for many reasons.  The reason most present would be the fact that this child would have to return home for the night before anything could be done.  Secondly, that if the child’s claims were true, there is no doubt that it would be a long and traumatic life changing experience for this child.  For me, this is a prime example of how knowledge can be both pleasure and pain simultaneously, with the prospect of helping the child but knowing that in order for the child to have some semblance of a normal life, she would have to go through therapy or multiple forms of therapy.

Despite the painful awareness knowledge may bring, even in facing the shadows and the darkest places within this field, I now have an even bigger desire and will to help as much as I can.  I attended an art college but I had also touched upon the basics in psychology, philosophy, sociology and anthropology.  Still, I admit I was a bit naïve as to the complexity of the field in which I had entered.  However, that is no longer the case because I chose to expand my awareness through knowledge.  I have never been more interested in the dynamics of art and therapy; I find it fascinating as a form of modality to facilitate change through healing.  Even with my wonderment of the field, I know that in helping others I will find both pleasure and pain, of dark and light, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.   Knowledge forces us to step out of our minds and our comfort zones to help find the strand of overall truth.  This means setting aside our beliefs and emptying our cup, letting go of what we think we know in order to make room for what is.  Unless we develop skill, talent and the moral courage to use it, truth, knowledge and the power to change will remain unseen.  In closing I believe Galileo Galilei said it best…

 “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

    ~ Galileo Galilei


♥ Love and Light to you all ♥

~ Jennifer

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