Country Away From Home.

by Creative Food Therapy

We all have those places where we go to reconnect, recoup or recharge.  If we are fortunate these places become apart of who we are.  My first trip to Pennsylvania was at the age of 5.  Almost every year since then it has become tradition to make the three and a half hour drive.  Some years it was only my immediate family and I and other times there would be ten plus of us!  It was always a wonderful time filled with close friends and family and more fun and laughter then one could imagine!

A little over nine years ago the parents of one of my oldest and dearest friends, Kristin, bought a house close to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Lancaster is where my family and I would visit.  This was great because being older at the time, me and the girls would plan trips to go and stay at the house.  It was always such a great time!  I found that as I grew older the experience of taking our trips out there became something else, something more.  Yes I had grown quite close to Kristin’s family, I consider them my second family!  But even more so, it became a spiritual haven for me.  Right there on the porch of that country house built so very long ago, I finished reading the book “How to avoid a stupid man: A woman’s guide to attracting her soulmate” by L.E. Coleman.  When I read the title I giggled and said “Oh Man!  I need to read this!”  And then I thought, how is it that a man is writing about how a woman can find her soulmate, what does he know about it???  lol  The book turned out to be so much more then I thought it would be.  There was no bashing of the sexes, in truth it had a very strong spiritual foundation.  Even if I didn’t agree with everything he wrote, a lot of what he did write resonated with me.  Most of the information found in that book I had already known and had been practicing myself.  The combination of being in one of my sacred places and reading this book that reaffirmed me spiritually, got the ball rolling in a sense.  I started to read quite often after that, anything I could get my hands on that would further my knowledge.

My recent visit inspired me to document a bit of the incredible view, in hopes of being able to share the energy, uniqueness and beauty of this place I go to when I need to reconnect or even just feel grateful for and in everything 🙂

I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Immediately upon entering the house there is an incredible warm and loving energy.  Mostly that is due to Kristin and her  parents!  But also, Kristin’s mom is extremely creative and crafty.  Every inch of the house is carefully planned and perfectly placed.  Everything from the handmade curtains, hand redesigned furniture to the door knobs!  It’s total rest and relaxation amongst pure creative talent and country!

Every corner of the house is filled with something that is meaningful to the family, whether it be a day old or a hundreds years old, every piece carries meaning.


Kristin’s mom has a knack for finding these great antique plates!

So cute!

Originally Kristin’s family was going to call their country house “The Ladybug Farm”  because when they first moved in, there were Ladybugs everywhere!  You can still find a few here and there from time to time.  I love it, I feel as though they bring with them a message (:

Usually we will make it up on a late Friday evening.  By that time, after a long days work and that three and a half hour drive, we gather in one of the sitting rooms to unwind.  No doubt this house is all about gathering, the gathering of hearts and minds with love in common.  This past Friday we got in around 11pm so after catching up a bit with Kristin’s parents, we all turned in!

The next morning was perfect!  The sun was bright and warm and to top it off the local antique market’s theme for the week was “Native American”  Now, I had desperately wanted to go last year but couldn’t make it up in time.  So when I learned from Kristin’s mom that Native American was the theme while I was there I knew I had to go.  We had breakfast and then Kristin’s mom and I were off to the market.  Only a short 10 minute ride up the block and a couple of farms over, this market is situated beneath beautifully grant trees!

This is the sign turning in, I was SO excited!

Slower is always better… Especially when driving on dirt roads! hehe

The market has endless rows of anything and everything you can ever imagine!

This painting fascinated me.  I am mad at myself for not asking about it!  Something about it kept drawing me in.

This tiny house amongst all of the selling tables is privately owned.  This is by far one of my favorite shops ever!  The woman who owns it is a creative genius.  A couple of years back, this is where I found one of my favorite necklaces.  It means a lot to me and finding it was very synchronistic at the time.  I had been seeing the numbers 11 and 79 everywhere.  The first time I ever visited the shop, I found my necklace with both numbers as well as charms that mean a great deal to me.  After coming home from that stay in Pennsylvania, I logged onto my email at home and my email count was at 1179 🙂

My necklace 🙂

A person could spend days in this shop and still not discover all the hidden antique treasures that await!

I love how the owner has put thought in placing every single object!

Interesting!  I wonder if it is real?!?!

I am obsessed with detail and so that leads to fascinations with rare, antique and crystal knobs of any kind!!!

These stars are quite big in Pennsylvania.  I see them everywhere, on houses, businesses and even barns.

These were some of the sights on our way out.

Love antique mirrors and dollhouses!

I love how creative people can get with old doors and windows!

This is a knife I brought form the antique market for my father Joseph.  He loves the Native American culture just as much as I do.  Kristin’s mom and I made our way back to the house and caught some sun and pool time!  Once dinner time came around, we ate some amazing produce grown on the local farms.  If you need any kind of vegetable or fruit you can just jump in your car and ride over to the local farms that are selling.  Often, it functions on an honor system.  So you ride up, take what you need and leave the money there in a box!

The color of these tomatoes were amazing!

The corn was so sweet and fresh!

After dinner we all grabbed our favorite relaxing spots.  What’s a perfect vacation without some reading for the soul?

The next morning I decided that for the first time in months I would do nothing but relax, sun and swim!  Being that this past weekend is the ONLY weekend I had open until I start school, work full time and start my internship?  I deserved it!  “County Living” indeed… This is the gate leading to the pool area.

Sassy decided she would sun with me!  Well, Kinda… she found the nearest shade, but was still hanging out!

This little guy comes with an interesting story.  I was swimming when I noticed this wasp floating in the pool dead (or so I thought!)  I scooped him out and onto the siding.  Some time passed and I noticed his leg moving!  Then twenty minutes later all his legs moving, but very slowly.  I was upset to think he might be in pain but then thought, is it possible he is alive and can recover?  I mean, he had been laying lifeless for quite a while.  After thirty minutes he was on his belly drying off and flew away!  Miracle!  Or maybe it was the T’ai Chi I had been practicing!  hehe

Barn that will eventually be made into a walk-up bar barn!  Can’t wait! hehe

Kristin’s parents have done a wonderful job with planting!  I had to get some shots of the various plant life everywhere.

I am loving these flowers and they are everywhere and in many colors!

I am obsessed with color!

I loved this plant and it’s coloring the moment I saw it!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors!

I decided I would explore the property a bit.  This is part of the garage door.  Their garage was formally the farms horse stables and troths.

Kristin’s dad’s motorcycle!

Beer anyone? hehe

Welcome!  Red white and blue baby!

I found it poetic, how even as she sits in a dark corner amongst clutter, she still seems to shine.

I LOVE this tree!

Cute garden fixture idea!

This old chimney was painted this incredibly loud pinkish color.  I have begged them to keep it but, they refuse!  Its time is limited!

I am loving the newest outdoor seating edition to the home!

Welcome to the mud room, Leave your shoes and wet bathing suits at the door.  Well, not really but it is a cute idea!

Some more of the mud room!

This is a chest in one of the upstairs rooms, in fact, the one I always sleep in!

How amazing is Kristin’s Mom?!?!  Ever since we first started coming to stay, she leaves guest baskets with everything and anything you could ever need along with freshly washed towels!  too cute.

One of the other upstairs bedrooms!  After taking this shot I packed up and we left not too long after.  I get such a sad feeling whenever I leave.  Not because I am not happy with where I am , but because this place will always hold a spot for me.  It is a place of love, peace and safety for me.


Our journey from country back to home.  I got everything I needed.  Some relaxing time, some time with family/friends and some recharging.  Yet, no matter how far I travel and no matter where I go, New York always welcomes me back with open arms.  It is good to be home.  🙂

♥ All of my love and light ♥

~ Jennifer