Be Your Own Hero.

by Creative Food Therapy

Tonight my wonderful friend Aryn and I spent some time moon bathing beneath this nights miraculous Blue Moon.  We spoke of and expressed our gratitude for all within this universe, especially that Blue Moon.  At some point Aryn and I decided to sit separately and meditate with our crystals in hand.  I sat there peacefully as I found myself on a New York City rooftop.  As I gazed up in wonder at the bright glowing full moon, I could feel it’s cleansing light wash over me and hold me, with no obstructions.  There was only that sky and that moon as I sat and let it illuminate me and all within its reach, wrapping everything in thick shades of blue.  In the distance the silhouettes of New York City rooftops rested against a rich navy sky, no interruptions with the exception of a few visibly sparkling stars.  As I sat upon the rooftop of this tall building I couldn’t help but giggle to myself because the building I sat upon reminded me of the movies.  You know the kind I speak of in which Spiderman or any other comic book hero with a city backdrop could pop up at any given moment with the intention of rescuing a trouble or trapped soul!  When I was finished with the amusement of my own comical thoughts I realized something profound.  Something I had learned the hard way but felt reassured and confirmed within my present thoughts.  I looked up at that moon and I realized that it was I.  I was the hero, as with Aryn and as with each of you reading this.  You are your greatest asset; you are your own hero, if you allow yourself to be.

I am sure many would love to read to me the dictionary definition or even their own personal interpretation right now of what a hero is, and some of you may even become uncomfortable with the ease at which I use the word, but it doesn’t affect how I feel or what I believe in the least.  It took a long time, a bumpy, heck sometimes down right broken road to figure this out, that I and only I could and have saved myself.  Yes, I’ve had wonderful brilliant teachers, family and friends and still do but ultimately, it is I who decides each day to get up and give this life every ounce I have.  It is I who chooses each day to believe, no matter what the day may hold.  We will have many persons along the way that question our ideas, our choices in life with regards to who we choose to spend our time with and how, our motives, our drive, our passion and some will even challenge who it is we choose to be but I am here to tell you that, that doesn’t matter, it never has and it never will.  Investing in ourselves, investing in our dreams, in our beliefs and seeing them through regardless of the naysayers is what makes us, us.  Its faith and intention that walks us home; it is what allows us to get back to ourselves and ultimately rises us up to where it is we are meant to me.

Love and accept yourself without question!

All I can feel right now is the pounding of my heart, she has opened widely before this blue moon before you all, as my soul rises letting all life and love flow through to receive all of the gifts I am to receive.  I wish this all for you, right now.  This blue moon tonight is about soul growth it is about bringing what’s hidden to the surface with the law of attraction in full force through transformation.  If you are still awake it isn’t too late, go meet that Blue Moon head on.  Release and detach from centuries and eons of past life entanglements with all areas of life that may be hindering your growth and advancement.  Go now, and act on what is good for you and all, whatever that may mean for you personally, both in thought and action.

♥ All of my love and light to you always ♥


~ Jennifer

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