Twin Flame and Soulmate Relationships.

by A Story of Light

I have been wanting to share a piece of my book that is in the works, on a topic that changed my life and has been a large part of personal growth, as well my life’s work and research.  My book is about soul relationships particularly Twin Flame Reunions and its direct connection to our ascension.

I hope you enjoy these words I have written from within the deepest part of my soul.

If you have your own story of soul relationships or Twin Flame Reunions, or if you have any questions, feel free to write in.  My book process has been a long and slow one and I am still collecting research for it.

“And your heart aches more then you could ever imagine possible, the pain seems endless and deeper then the deepest reaches of the earth.  It feels as though nothing can ever be the same and you question how what is to come can ever be better then what once was?  Your heart races out of its chest, your mind blurs and you find yourself in what can only be described as a catatonic state from sheer disbelief.  But you want to believe.  You have to remember anything that can cause this much pain is incapable of bringing you the joy you deserve, and so you get back up.  You pick yourself back up and dust yourself off and you trust that the magnitude of pain you feel will one day be matched to a happiness that is born with the same measure.  For it is safe to say the scales of universal law will see to it that your brightest day will be matched to your darkest night.  Through the pain you choose to believe that what is to come will help you to understand all of the reasons a heart must break.  You choose to believe because truly, there is no other way.”

♥ Love and light to you all ♥


~ Jennifer

Copyright © 2012 Jennifer Santaniello