If Lincoln Could Speak What Would He Say?

by A Story of Light



Well, if you are fortunate enough to live in New York City, you could find out for yourself.  The southern plaza section of Union Square Park is home to the Lincoln Statue Monument and from now until Sunday December 9th 2012, it appears Lincoln will have a lot to say, and for all the right reasons.  The public art project “Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection,” by Polish artist Krzysztof Wodizcko features a video projection onto the 142-year-old Lincoln statue, of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans that have been interviewed for Krzysztof Wodizcko’s “The Veterans Project.”  Some of the projects focus lies within the psychological effects of war, not only on its solders but also to all of those directly connected to veterans who have experienced trauma, including us.   As well, the project touches upon wars political and social ties.   “The Veterans Project“ and Krzysztof Wodizcko’s “Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection” brings to light the harsh truth that the trauma experienced by veterans and their families goes grossly unrecognized.

These veterans host a number of trauma induced mental disorders that would normally prevent them from being able to tell their stories with such depth, yet some how they found the strength enough to come forth.  They are survivors, telling their stories and whether they say it personally or not this is their plea, a plea for all to pay attention regardless of ones stance on war because it affects everyone and everything.   If you happen to be in New York City, you have until Sunday night to view this public art exhibit.   I went with some friends from school and was deeply moved.   Do yourselves a serious justice and see this exhibit in its entirety however possible.   Broaden your awareness and then spread it like wild fire.

The following videos are a few clips I have taken from Krzysztof Wodizcko’s public art exhibit “Abraham Lincoln War Veteran Projection” exhibit.”   Unfortunately, these clips do the public art exhibit absolutely no justice however, I feel it important to be able to present a glimpse into this project.


As well, I have included a video of Krzysztof Wodizcko being interviewed in 2010.   He mentions the start of “The Veterans Project,” which eventually led to the “Abraham Lincoln: War Veteran Projection.”

Love and light,

~ Jennifer

**Photo credit: Maria Niro on Vimeo.**