Full Circle.

by A Story of Light

When we follow our hearts, when we are truest to our soul, we come to realize that our deepest wounds along with our most challenging events in life become our greatest assets.  In refusing to give up on others and ourselves, what seemingly harmed or plagued us has the potential to morph into our souls work, our mission, and our purpose.  If we are fortunate enough, we can help and teach others through our toughest life lessons.  Sometimes we are able to see our past, our struggles and pains in the people we grow to love, to teach and help.  This can bring us affirmation that every hardship, turmoil and emotional beating meant something, that it had meaning, the best really.  In essence we are able to feel as though we have come full circle, having rose up above our pain and confusion to help others do the same.

My dear friend Rod has done just that, and has blessed us with his lessons through this letter and article he has written.  My desire is that each of you reading this benefit in multiple ways, from his incredible story, experiences and words and that you pass this on to all you feel will benefit from his story.

“My baby girl was upset on the ride home, it’s too detailed to post, but I heard it in her words that she was being ’round-a-bout’ something. As soon we got home I asked, “Did you wish your dad had called you on your birthday?” She curled up into a small ball fell into my arms and cried. She just wanted him to call to show that a small part of him thinks of her, her words. That’s all. She’s been trying to be so strong and keeping it together for so long that in one question, the weight of that answer flowed out in hot tears uncontrollably.

Before this day I often imagined what I would say to my younger self to make him understand why his father wasn’t there for him. I was granted my wish. I saw so much of myself in that instance that I felt that I’ve come full circle. Thank you.

She’s such a beautiful young lady (annoying most times!) but so beautiful. I can’t understand how people can’t muster up the courage to see their kids? Just show up. It means the world to them. They can be loved by the entire world, but they will never see that if the very people they want love from don’t even acknowledge their existence.

Stop being cowards

Show up

Take your licks and take them out

Kids don’t understand the value of money

They only understand the value of attention

Just love them”

by Rod Perez

Thank you Rod, for sharing this and allowing me to post an article about your personal experiences and writing.  Thank you for being so selfless, for transcending and rising above the pain so that others may heal as well.

Please find a similar and detailed article below, written by the incredible artist and writer Rod Perez.  As well, please visit Rod’s artist link with all of his mindful and beautiful art, enjoy!

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All of my love and light,

~ Jennifer

 **Photo Credit: Art piece by Rod Perez**