The Power Of A Year.


A year ago this month, this blog was birthed, along with a new and most beautiful part of my life and awareness. As well, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some incredible souls through this experience that have helped to change my life in the most incredible ways. When I write, when I create art, I do so with my full heart and spirit, with the greatest intentions, the upmost respect, honor, gratitude, love and light and I want to thank you for allowing me into your lives, hearts and minds. It has truly been a blessing and an honor.

I now know what it feels like to be part of a community of artist, philosophers, scholars, teachers, writers and creative geniuses whose intentions are to better the world and themselves through their hearts passions. As importantly, thank you for sharing your love, light and words with me, they have inspired me and undoubtedly allowed me to expand as a writer, artist, healer and human.

I wish every last one of you complete love, inner peace, and light. May we continue to share and aid each other along this incredible creative journey!!!!!!!!

❤ All of my love and light ❤

**Photo Credit: Persephone Awakening by Zabani**