The Reunion: Twin Flame Photo Concept.

“The Reunion”

Twin Flame Theory Concept Shoot

“The Beginning: two star seeds” through multiple lifetimes to “The Reunion”

A Concept by Aryn Elaine Cole & Jennifer Santaniello.

This photo series depicts two souls and their journey back to wholeness and each other, their Twin Flame reunion. This series has been birthed out of the desire to bring awareness to the Twin Flame theory. Equally, a significant intention by the creators and talent of this photo series, is the intention to bring forth the energy and depths of which we all can love — while making our journey towards oneness.

The theory of Twin Flames will challenge everything we have been taught to think, feel and act about love and what it means to love and be loved. For those who have yet to be introduced to the idea of Twin Flames, one’s mind may automatically jump to the definition of a soulmate. And, to a large degree, one’s initial reaction and feelings towards this topic will be based largely on his belief system towards love, his life experiences in love and his working ideas of love as a whole. However, Twin Flames aren’t nearly the same as what most of us as a society have come to believe a soulmate relationship to be. Twin Flame relationships differ greatly in that they reflect and encompass pure, limitless, eternal, selfless and charitable love. They help us to understand the reasons we are alive today. Even more so, this reunion helps to explain who we are, where we come from and what our journeys here are truly all about. This differs from our soulmate relationships, in that soulmate relationships are here to help us evolve to a place where we are ready to reunite with our Twin Flames.

It is the belief that through our many lifetime experiences and soulmate connections, we begin to awaken to self and we come into our spiritual awareness. This then inspires us to question, and begin to throw away our false beliefs surrounding fear-based and ego-driven relationships. It is the ultimate lesson and acknowledgement of unconditional love. Once we begin to think, feel, and act in this way, we set the stage for our Twin Flame reunions.

In theory, Twin Flames start as one energy form, one light, one spirit, dividing into two – which then allows them to incarnate into multiple life experiences. Though it is believed that these Twin Flames/Souls rarely incarnate within the same lifetime, it is believed that commonly our Twin Flame/Soul acts has our higher self in the spiritual realm, guiding us. This occurs so that we can learn, relate to one another as different genders, cultures, nationalities, races, and families. This helps us to create opportunities to learn, remember our divine origin, and to ultimately seek reunion and oneness. Twin Flame reunions are an integral part of the divine cosmic plan.

"The Beginning: two star seeds"

“The Beginning: two star seeds”

"Illusion of Doubt"

“Illusion of Doubt”

"Survival Through Higher Self"

“Survival Through Higher Self”

"The Reunion"

“The Reunion”

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Models: Aryn Elaine & Natti Vogel. (Aryn ColeNatti Vogel)

Photographer and blogger of “Twin Flame” theory: Jennifer Santaniello. (Jennifer Santaniello’s Art)

Hair/Make-up: Chris Oleary. (Chris Oleary)

Fine Jewelry: Anothai Hansen (Anothai Hansen)


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