I am an artist, humanitarian, vegan, and conduit of light.  If I had to describe myself in one word I would use wholehearted.

In May of 2013 I was offered an opportunity to be the Vegan director and chef at Broadway Bistro in Hewlett, NY.  It has been an incredible experience.  My mission through this venture has been to hold compassion for all and to bring a healthier plant-based diet to my community.  Veganism changed my life.  I knew since the moment I made the decision and saw the incredible positive changes it helped to facilitate in my life, that one of my many missions would be to bring awareness to this incredibly humane and healthy way of life.  I have been able to use my creativity through my Vegan baking and cooking to bring optimal health and awareness to so many in just over a month and I have loved every second of meeting each individual receptive to Veganism and the food I am creating.  Every food prepared, each dish made is done so with the upmost respect and love and I am convinced all who venture down this road with me will feel that and recieve it for themselves.  Through this new opportunity I have found a passion to create a sacred space of my own, perhaps a bakery or a restaurant where people can come to nourish themselves an their lives.  An establishment with fresh healthy foods, a place safe for this planet as well as our bodies.  A restaurant void of microwaves, plastic and anything that may cause pollution or distress for our earth and ourselves.

A little about myself, I was born and raised on long island, New York.  I have always used my art to reach others, whether it has been through painting, drawing, photography, writing, cooking, baking, or redesigning furniture.  I feel that with the creation of my blog I am able to take my reach that much further in being able to spread as much love and light as possible.  In furthering my dreams of helping others I am currently pursuing my MA with NYU in Art Therapy.

I spend my time with people I love and enjoy being around, and who enjoy being around me.  I believe in love, and I try to spread it wherever I am.  I have always felt a heightened energy within and around me, awareness from when I was young. I feel as though I have always known that there was so much more to life then what we are taught to believe. I found that as life moved on through and beyond childhood, it had a way of creating a veil. However, experiences in my life around the age of 23 helped me to open back up. That is when I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there was so much more, and I ached to know it all.

I aspire one day to open an animal sanctuary for animals that have been abused or that have no place to go.  It will be a center that will facilitate healing for animals and for people.  Allowing the public as well as outreach, at-risk and special need programs to visit and volunteer, providing all those involved the healing and the power to move forward positively, confidently and with love in their own lives.

Whether I am practicing Art Therapy, cooking or baking my intention is to help supply others with the tools they need to find their own truth, empowering people with unconditional love and a love of life.

♥ This has been my journey and I feel blessed and honored to share it with you ♥