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The Reunion: Twin Flame Photo Concept.

“The Reunion”

Twin Flame Theory Concept Shoot

“The Beginning: two star seeds” through multiple lifetimes to “The Reunion”

A Concept by Aryn Elaine Cole & Jennifer Santaniello.

This photo series depicts two souls and their journey back to wholeness and each other, their Twin Flame reunion. This series has been birthed out of the desire to bring awareness to the Twin Flame theory. Equally, a significant intention by the creators and talent of this photo series, is the intention to bring forth the energy and depths of which we all can love — while making our journey towards oneness.

The theory of Twin Flames will challenge everything we have been taught to think, feel and act about love and what it means to love and be loved. For those who have yet to be introduced to the idea of Twin Flames, one’s mind may automatically jump to the definition of a soulmate. And, to a large degree, one’s initial reaction and feelings towards this topic will be based largely on his belief system towards love, his life experiences in love and his working ideas of love as a whole. However, Twin Flames aren’t nearly the same as what most of us as a society have come to believe a soulmate relationship to be. Twin Flame relationships differ greatly in that they reflect and encompass pure, limitless, eternal, selfless and charitable love. They help us to understand the reasons we are alive today. Even more so, this reunion helps to explain who we are, where we come from and what our journeys here are truly all about. This differs from our soulmate relationships, in that soulmate relationships are here to help us evolve to a place where we are ready to reunite with our Twin Flames.

It is the belief that through our many lifetime experiences and soulmate connections, we begin to awaken to self and we come into our spiritual awareness. This then inspires us to question, and begin to throw away our false beliefs surrounding fear-based and ego-driven relationships. It is the ultimate lesson and acknowledgement of unconditional love. Once we begin to think, feel, and act in this way, we set the stage for our Twin Flame reunions.

In theory, Twin Flames start as one energy form, one light, one spirit, dividing into two – which then allows them to incarnate into multiple life experiences. Though it is believed that these Twin Flames/Souls rarely incarnate within the same lifetime, it is believed that commonly our Twin Flame/Soul acts has our higher self in the spiritual realm, guiding us. This occurs so that we can learn, relate to one another as different genders, cultures, nationalities, races, and families. This helps us to create opportunities to learn, remember our divine origin, and to ultimately seek reunion and oneness. Twin Flame reunions are an integral part of the divine cosmic plan.

"The Beginning: two star seeds"

“The Beginning: two star seeds”

"Illusion of Doubt"

“Illusion of Doubt”

"Survival Through Higher Self"

“Survival Through Higher Self”

"The Reunion"

“The Reunion”

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Models: Aryn Elaine & Natti Vogel. (Aryn ColeNatti Vogel)

Photographer and blogger of “Twin Flame” theory: Jennifer Santaniello. (Jennifer Santaniello’s Art)

Hair/Make-up: Chris Oleary. (Chris Oleary)

Fine Jewelry: Anothai Hansen (Anothai Hansen)


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© 2015 by Jennifer Santaniello







I Trust You.


“Trust each other again and again. When the trust level gets high enough, people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities for which they were previously unaware.”  ~ David Armistead – Professor

A child is born with a knowing, an inherent trust, a love that is either both reinforced and nurtured, or stunted, unmet or even denied.  A child is born with the capacity of encompassing complete and utter trust for everyone and anything.  Its faith is birthed with its inception; it’s first heartbeat and breath.  If a child is raised with a family that has reinforced this preexisting state, this inherent trust then the child will live, move, act through this belief system, for it is given no other reason to believe otherwise.  I was reminded of this while playing games with my baby cousin of 18 months.  It became apparent to me that no matter what, she knew I would catch her, as she would leap into my arms off the bed.  Even with my back turned and in running distance, she knew I would do absolutely anything possible to be there as she leaped forward.  She never expected anything less.  She trusts me with her life completely.  This kind of love reaches deeper then any root, stretches farther then any horizon and lasts far beyond any one lifetime.

What of the kids that have never had this reinforcement?  Those who do not know what it feels like to have a love and trust behind them, to know that if they jump and when they jump there will be someone there to catch them no matter what.  Through my work I have observed the life of children who were never given a chance.  Whose pure and inherent trust was lost, when the hands expected to catch them, did not.  On the streets we see it all of the time.  I have had this discussion many times, it seems we are always privy to public displays and situations where children are being mistreated, yelled at, and cursed at, spoken down to, beat, and much worse. Many times these children are less then 8 years old.  If these parents are performing and treating their children this way publicly, can you even dare to imagine what goes on in their private lives?  Freighting.  The hurt, embarrassment and long term emotional damage is inescapable in these cases and leads to a future string of emotional and physical abuse for the innocent who have no idea how to process such harsh mistreatment and injustice.

We are the builders of our children, our children’s children and all of those connected.  We are co-creators of their character, their judgment of themselves and others, their measure and value, we help to create the system in which they use to walk through their lives and most importantly we help to build their beliefs and experiences of love and trust, not only for themselves but for all those around them.  It is our responsibility, and what many refuse to acknowledge, our privilege to nurture and raise each child with the knowing that they are eternally loved and capable of absolutely everything.

When we choose love, we are actively building a nation of children that will help to end ailments, war and many other injustices.  What so many choose to ignore is that, it starts with us.  People find it hard to conceive that we hold that much power, but we do.  These innocent, trusting children are built with everything needed to come out as pure light, loving to the up most capacity.  It is up to us to hold that light and love for them so that they can reach higher and go further then all who have come before them.

We hold the power, I trust you, I trust that you will do the right thing and love each child wholeheartedly.

“When a family is free of abuse and oppression, it can be the place where we share our deepest secrets and stand the most exposed, a place where we learn to feel distinct without being “better,” and sacrifice for others without losing ourselves.”  ~ Letty Cottin Pogrebin – Editor, Writer

Please, if you ever witness any injustice towards any child, report it, you will be saving lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Links below to those helping fight and save our children:







Love and light,

~ Jennifer

**Photo credit – http://www.multiculturalchildren.org/project-introduction-overview-2/**

Chasing Grace.




Some answers we seek come to us when we’ve surrendered, when searching is no longer an option and we find ourselves on our knees without an ounce of physical strength or the will of spirit to move.  It is through these times seemingly, between our surrender and silence we come to understand what it is we truly need.

 What about those few questions we have, the recurring ones that seem to stunt us emotionally from time to time?  And is this ever truly the case or are we leaving the questions unanswered for our own psychic purposes?  There are times where the anguish felt followed by our unanswered questions is too much to bare, and yet even through our exhaustion, relinquishing the fight to uncover the answers we so desperately seek to our long awaited questions, is not an option.  It is in these moments that time seems to slow down, if not then stop all together and the quest for answers consumes us.  We may go about our tasks and days but we are constantly internalizing and doing what we can with what we have to find some peace.

Most may disagree, but for me there is poetry in realizing a number of years later, a once thought to be mended heart is in fact only slightly repaired.  Suddenly and sometimes unexpectedly something occurs so many years later that leaves us scurrying to collect the pieces we left behind in our emergence to fix what was fractured in order to move on.  We may not know it at the time but we do this sometimes as a quick fix-me-up, a half assed job at best in order for us to keep going, to accomplish all the things we need to in order to get to where are presently.  Yet what seemingly and most commonly happens with these situations is the unstable thin film we laid over those open wounds some time ago rips and the wounds are once again exposed.  Now what?  Because from the floodgates flow all of those ancient emotions that are all too familiar and once again, undesired.

 I find the difference is we may have thought all those years ago the feelings were unwanted but were they truly?  Because whether we caused the pain or not we sat in it, until we could no longer take it and did what we had to do to move on, or so we thought.  However, this time, the feelings and situation that surround what broke us in the first place, is truly not wanted.  How do I know this?  If it comes back, it isn’t finished.  We repeat our hurts in order to learn our lessons and if there is a recurring pain then there is some unfinished business that will need to be taken care of.  The good news?  We were different people back then, when it all started and these questions were formed.  And so the pain and emotional turmoil we held ourselves in back then no longer serves us, it no longer fits.  The beauty of this?  The choice to throw it away and finally learn our lessons presents itself clearly.  The time to truly mend those old wounds can happen almost instantaneously.  It is in these moments where the answers we have so longingly and desperately seek lie.  This is where both the end and beginning exist, when the cycle is complete and has come full circle.  It may take a day, a week or a month but it won’t take much longer then that because everything has changed. Including us.  The people we are today are emotionally, mentally and physically unable to hold those old patterns, those old energies.

I’ve learned from my own experiences that life’s most meaningful lessons come out of the moments where we are most confused, when we are in most need and it feels like we’ll never have the answers we desire.  It is through our breaking point, that we have a choice to make and it is to acknowledge the answers we so desire have always and forever slept comfortably in the lessons we refused to learn.  Regardless of how painful the truth is, through our epiphany, our moment of truth, we begin to feel as though we have been saved by an act of grace.  When really, the answers always appear after we have done the work from the inside out, and no sooner.  The answers we never thought we would have come to us when we are ready to accept them.  Sometimes these are answers that bring the most pain and discomfort but know that whether it feels like it in the moment, the hurt is temporary.  When we can finally come to terms with our own truth, when we close the door and mend the wounds to the biggest fractures in our lives, it can only mean one thing; some incredible and beautiful happenings are about to follow.

Love and light,
~ Jennifer

Photo credit: © 2012 Jennifer Santaniello

Twin Flame and Soulmate Relationships.

I have been wanting to share a piece of my book that is in the works, on a topic that changed my life and has been a large part of personal growth, as well my life’s work and research.  My book is about soul relationships particularly Twin Flame Reunions and its direct connection to our ascension.

I hope you enjoy these words I have written from within the deepest part of my soul.

If you have your own story of soul relationships or Twin Flame Reunions, or if you have any questions, feel free to write in.  My book process has been a long and slow one and I am still collecting research for it.

“And your heart aches more then you could ever imagine possible, the pain seems endless and deeper then the deepest reaches of the earth.  It feels as though nothing can ever be the same and you question how what is to come can ever be better then what once was?  Your heart races out of its chest, your mind blurs and you find yourself in what can only be described as a catatonic state from sheer disbelief.  But you want to believe.  You have to remember anything that can cause this much pain is incapable of bringing you the joy you deserve, and so you get back up.  You pick yourself back up and dust yourself off and you trust that the magnitude of pain you feel will one day be matched to a happiness that is born with the same measure.  For it is safe to say the scales of universal law will see to it that your brightest day will be matched to your darkest night.  Through the pain you choose to believe that what is to come will help you to understand all of the reasons a heart must break.  You choose to believe because truly, there is no other way.”

♥ Love and light to you all ♥


~ Jennifer

Copyright © 2012 Jennifer Santaniello

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.

Mirror Neurons and Pattern Recognition

The Science of Emotion

Em·pa·thy is the capacity to recognize feelings that are being experienced by another sentient or semi-sentient (in fiction writing) being. Someone may need to have a certain amount of empathy before they are able to feel compassion.”

Many are mislead in believing empathy and compassion are one in the same, but that is truly not the case.  It is possible for one to be able to empathize yet still feel no compassion.  For example, a person who remains within a physical or emotionally abusive relationship, some may empathize as to why but still be unable to hold compassion for someone who refuses to seek help for him or herself.  It is common in these cases, especially the most extreme where compassion is needed but I find through my work that some within the general public adopt the belief of “Why should I feel sorry for someone who refuses to help themselves?”  Compassion is the virtue of empathy for the suffering of others. It is regarded as a fundamental part of human love. Compassion means, “to suffer together with” and so in order for an individual to feel compassion one must first feel empathetic towards another and their circumstances.  Those lacking the skill to feel compassion through empathy are commonly diagnosed with Schizophrenia or disorders such as in persons with extreme cases of Borderline Personality Disorder.

I truly believe our existence here is equally spiritual as it is scientific.  I do not believe we could exist with one and not the other.  With that said I would like first, to go a bit deeper into the biology and process of our emotions, specifically what is called Mirror Neurons and Pattern Recognition.  A Mirror Neuron is a neuron that fires both when a person/animal acts and when they observe the same action performed by another.  The neuron “mirrors” the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting.  Many researchers in cognitive neuroscience and cognitive psychology consider that this system provides the physiological mechanism for the perception action coupling.  Some argue that mirror neurons may be important for understanding the actions of other people, and for learning new skills by imitation, theory of mind skills and  language abilities.  However, Neuroscientists such as Marco Iacoboni (UCLA) have argued that mirror neuron systems in the human brain help us understand the actions and intentions of other people.  In addition, Iacoboni has argued that mirror neurons are the neural basis of the human capacity for emotions such as empathy.  Let’s take for example, the relationship between a mother and child.  A baby learns through repetition.  Through the first months of life a child learns that if it cries its needs will be met, or not.  That depends on the baby’s life situation.  Either way, this is how the baby begins to understand emotion.  If a child gets a scratch the child’s learned behavior depends on their mothers reaction to the situation.  The child learns what emotions are “safe” in connection and as a response to what they are feeling.  If a common reaction for a mother is to over react and become agitated and nervous, screaming and reprimands the child then the child will learn that when he is hurt, it is not ok to show his pain or emotion.  However, if a mothers common reaction is to be compassionate and dotting, the child will learn that pain comes and goes and that it is ok to seek the aid he needs while expressing his fear, pain and emotion.  These learned behaviors are perceived through emotion, are mirrored and patterns are formed.

Mirror Neurons are crucial in order for us to empathize and form compassion, and so they are credited to our sustaining a highly functioning compassionate society.  If mirror neurons are a the base for our ability to feel empathetic along with other emotions, then our capacity to mirror must also help to create maladaptive behavior or counter productivity and emotion, for example the child whose emotions are stunted by an unstable mother.  Pattern recognition by the nervous system implies that the firing of specific neurons trigger specific emotions.   Science has reported that this occurs when a person experiences disgust, happiness, or pain. The same regions are activated, when they see another person experience the emotion.

The mirror network has been reported to be sensitive to perceived pain.   Pain cells in the human will normally fire when a person is hurt.   Researchers found that those cells will also fire when the person watches another experiencing pain.   The neuron in the observer “mirrored” the pain of the other.  So, when pain cells fire, a person experiences pain.   The same cells fire to make you experience imagined pain.  However, you yourself are not experiencing the pain first hand, it is imagined.  Upon soaking in this information I asked myself “How much of what we say, feel and do is ours and how much of it is a mirror?”  Obviously, if we are watching a gymnast perform a split and it causes a pained reaction and we gasp, we know enough that the mirrored pain is not our own, it is imagined.  But what if we were to look at the full spectrum of emotion and just how much our emotion fuels our passion and life and how our emotion manifest physically.  Really how we digest and we process our emotions is dependent upon our own individual cognitive behavioral patterns.  Cognitive behavior refers to our everyday function – remember, respond and so on. Usually, they are logical, learned things however abstract thinking comes into it.   Recognizing consequences of behavior is thought to develop as people grow older and can envision what might happen and avoid behavior that would cause it.  Yet, we all know this is dependent on the growth of an individual.  Right now, as you read this I am positive you can think of a few persons that have yet to develop a healthy recognition of their own behavior, resulting in stunted growth whether it is mentally, physically or spiritually.  Cognitive behavior is thinking behavior. There is also a form of therapy called Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which teaches you how to use thinking to change your behavior and mental health. The cognitive behavior is meant to be a meaningful behavior. The behavior has to produce a meaningful action useful to people.

Even so, with those of us that are able to produce behavior and action that are meaningful to others, and ourselves how much of our emotions and our intention behind our actions are our own?  How much of our emotion and our functioning is ours as opposed to the mirror of our environment and learned patterns?  The human mind contains powerful regions, which sense the behavior of those within its environment.   The process is supported by massive memories and myriad analytical subsystems.   Behavior pattern recognition enables the human mind to understand events as well enabling a person to comprehend the intentions, emotions and actions of people, without reasoning out these processes. They just know.  But, what if someone is acting on an old pattern?  When emotions resurface or reappear that have never truly gone away, how much of this is pattern?

It is the same for sound and speech.  It is no coincidence, that when you hear a particular voice of someone you know, certain emotions are automatically triggered.  Pay attention to this and observe, as when there is a particular person that may annoy you talks to you, your emotion and body language will change.  This is because pattern recognition feeds data to Mirror Neurons and you have connected a specific emotion to this specific voice, most likely an annoyed or agitated emotion.  Our voices are like our fingerprints, there are no two of the same and so if you were to go 4 years without hearing a particular voice, in hearing it again, all the mirrors and patterns connected to that voice would resurface.  Same goes for someone in love, when a person hears the voice of someone they love, voice pattern recognition feeds data to Mirror Neurons and all the emotions connected to their voice erupt.  Now, what happens when the relationship or situation of a neuron connection that was created in love, turns to something else?  How much of what remains is truth, will the voices of those we love or have loved always hold connectivity?  I can only assume that for those who answer no, it is the ability to re-program new neurological connections and pathways through self-cognitive therapy that is the answer.  A great example of this is the moment a person realizes they are better off without a specific person and is able to cut ties and never look back.   But how about in situations that do not appear to be as cut and dry?  Where patterns and a connection remain unchanged even though environments have shifted or changed through time.  Is it neurological? Behavioral?  Or is it something science can never explain?  Perhaps this is where spirit picks up and science leaves off.   I was never interested in the dissection of emotion, it felt unnecessary, cold and disconnected to me, but I cannot deny my undying curiosity into the science of emotion.  As humans, our capacity and ability to feel is limitless and so who knows, maybe this is my own attempt to explain some of the mystery and power behind my own emotions.

We are biological as much as we are spirit and so no one can deny the truths, that regardless of the science behind emotion, what we feel is real to each of us regardless of how it is formed.  It is up to us individually to decide if what we are feeling is our own or if in fact if it is a mirror or a learned pattern of some kind that serves us or needs to be disabled and rewired. Through my own life experiences, my advice wouldn’t necessarily be to run to the library and learn about every scientific bodily process, but more so to create and put forth emotion and actions that carry the best parts of you because I believe we all hold a responsibility to self and to others to do so.  If we are true to ourselves, listen to what it is our body and our minds “tell” us, regardless of whether we know the science behind it or not, our emotion will self regulate regardless of the situation.  Everything has its time, until then, just keep feeling it out.  🙂

♥ All of my love and light ♥

~ Jennifer

You Are Already There.

In what seems to be our most pivotal moments it can be difficult to tell if we have reached an end or a beginning.  However, each and every one of us deep down inside knows.  It’s our truth and how we choose to digest and process these truths is as unique to each of us as our fingerprints.  There’s a part of us that completely understands the ending and the beginning are one in the same.

Our answers lay within our perspective and so our experience of time shifts depending on where we place our focus.  So many of us are yearning, aching for that new energy, that new beginning, for the manifestation, the fruition of all of our hard work, all of those seeds we have planted with regards to self, love, career, fiance, joy and life, conscious or unconscious.  Whether you were recently affected by hurricane Sandy as I was, whether you have lost your job or lost a “love” or loved one, even if you yourself are ill mentally, physically or both resist the urge to slow down.  Yes, please be compassionate with yourself but do not see these experiences as having left you defeated.  Keep going.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you haven’t made huge strides or that you aren’t exactly who you should be or where you are supposed to be.

It may feel as though you have pulled a 180 or it may feel as though someone has pressed the pause button and you are moving in slow motion, but try to remember that direction is a 3D experience.  Keep moving no matter the pace.

You are already there.

♥All of my love and light ♥

~ Jennifer

Our Lives Are Not Our Own.

“Our lives are not our own, we are bound to others, past and present. And by each crime, and every kindness, we birth our future.”

What can be truer then the quote above?  In learning of our oneness, our eternal connection to one another, I was able to find my own divinity.   We are all intrinsically connected at our very core, which is pure, limitless, unconditional love.  From infancy and well into the first part of our young adult lives we have been shaped by our circumstances and experiences, yet there comes a time when we realize we have choices and that those choices ultimately lead us to who is we are to become.  Every act of kindness we expel shapes us, and so it is for every other act, good or bad.  How does one define what is good or bad, right and wrong?  Is it by intuition? Instinct?  Is it something we have been taught or is it a mixture of all of the above?  Can an individual be a good person and do something bad yet remain a good person, if their offense is a one time occurrence or perhaps a second time?  Is it all perception, as with everything else in life?  I truly believe that it is in the absence of this belief, the belief that at our core we are love, we are magnificent, we are all we need, and that we are pure, that leads to a disregard for life.  It is the illusion that we are separate, that we are alone and inadequate, that leaves room and allows anything other than love to enter and ultimately control our thoughts, feelings, emotions, perception and our actions.  When we forget who we are, we forget each other and this makes it easy, so very easy to commit acts of desperation, cruelty and malice towards one another and ourselves, without understanding the severity and complexity of our actions until it is too late.

“Tragedy (Ancient Greek: τραγῳδία, tragōidia, “he-goat-song”[1]) is a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes in its audience an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in the viewing.[2] While many cultures have developed forms that provoke this paradoxical response, the term tragedy often refers to a specific tradition of drama that has played a unique and important role historically in the self-definition of Western civilization.

A dramatic composition, often in verse, dealing with a serious or somber theme, typically that of a great person destined through a flaw of character or conflict with some overpowering force, as fate or society, to downfall or destruction.”

Although the degrees of which a person may define a Tragedy may vary, there is no denying its wrath when it so chooses to strike.  Are Tragedies just some other type of scene, on this enormous stage we call life?  A scene for us to observe, to process and digest, a way that wakes us up and rips us open and says, “HERE I AM, and this is what happens when I am ignored!!!!!!!!”  Are these Tragic scenes just another way for us to take away our individual lessons, as painful as they can be?  Of course we empathize and feel endless compassion for those affected by Tragedy in its many forms and yet it may seem easier to swallow, the idea that these horrible things happen for us to observe and learn from.  But, what happens when the Tragedy hits home?  This week, Tragedy struck a little bit too close to home for me.  Thankfully, not within my immediate circle of family or friends, but just outside of it and involving a person I have had the privilege to see almost everyday for the last four years.

What seemed like a normal workday on Monday quickly turned into a roller coaster of emotions including confusion, frustration, anger, denial and deep, deep sadness.  Through the course of the day we were notified that our co-worker, “M” would not be coming back to work, ever.  Out of respect for the persons involved in this Tragedy, I will spare much detail however I will say that “M” preformed a heinous, incomprehensible and unimaginable act upon someone she loves.  In fact it is the person she loved most in this world.  So, how does that work?  How is that possible?!?!  These types of questions are what’s commenly asked after such a Tragedy.  Please point me in the direction of any one person that has the answer, because I would love to hear their opinion.  My opinion?  Well, it’s complicated and simple all at the same time.  On 3D earthly level, these individuals involved in this tragedy acted upon an accumulation of the conditioning of their past and current life circumstances.  “M” was coping the best way she knew how, with the resources she was equiped from a young age, along with the abilities she picked up along her life span.  Ultimately, it wasn’t enough, and she had a break which lead to Tragedy for her and all those she loves.  Now, if we were to examine the Tragedy from a higher consciousness, 5th dimension or higher, I’d say this was the path these two souls mapped out for each other and agreed to before incarnating into this current life, a continuation of their present karmic ties and lessons needed.  3D earthly level of existance = complicated and intricate, 5th dimension and higher level of consciousness = not so complicated!

 I found with the news came a flood of questions.  Were there signs I missed?  Should we have seen this coming?  Had she called out for help and no one listened?  Is she scared, is she alone?  Is she manic? How can I help?  And then came the questions that seem to harness the most confusion.  Questions like, why do I empathize and have such compassion for someone who committed such a heinous act?  If it were anyone else, someone I hadn’t known, would I feel the same?  Would I want to pass judgment and throw insults as opposed to wanting to run up and hug them until they remember?  Because that is what I want to do.  It has been three days and it still feels like I just received the news within this very moment.  I can’t stop thinking about it.  I feel a bit drained and dazed over it all.  If I had to speculate, I’d say “M” believed in her heart (and at the time, diseased psych) that she and her loved one would be better off in another place, somewhere not of this world.  A just and fair place, a place filled with love, understanding, community, safety, and compassion.  A place where she could be heard, where her and her loved one could live in harmony without interruption or fear or a sense of inadequacy and defeat.  Perhaps the biggest Tragedy of all in this situation is that all of what “M” needed was here the whole time.  All that she needed was right where she left it, deep down inside.  It is the belief, the understanding that no matter how heartbreaking life can seem, there is always a reason and that it is so crucial, so important and so beneficial to see it through!  So many are unable to see past their own hurt, they are unable to understand that this world does not lack all of the things we need, in fact there is an abundance of it, and more, just waiting to be tapped into.  What saddened me the most here, is that “M” couldn’t see it, she couldn’t see that truth.

If you need help, seek it.  If you know someone who needs help, give it and if you can’t provide them the help they need help them to find it.  But, also remember, we can only help others to the extent of which they will allow.  As for “M”, She may not have been in her right mind at the time, but at some point, maybe many, there were times for her to seek help and so at the end of the day her tragedy is a scene she helped to create, a scene we are meant to observe and learn from.  The lessons here are endless but if I had to pluck a few from a hundred?  Remember that you are love; you are divine and magnificent and that you have everything you need right there inside of you.  Everything happens in its own time and for a reason, the best really.  Nothing is ever final, we are continuous and there is nothing in life that can ruin you unless you allow it to.  If “M” would have stepped back, or even sought help from another and realized she had options, maybe her story wouldn’t have become so Tragic.  If there is something in life that you feel could end you or be your demise, reexamine.  There are answers in everything, nothing is what it seems and there is always, always a light to our dark.

I wish peace for all souls involved is this Tragedy; may your hearts find peace.

“I believe there is another world waiting for us, a better world and I will be waiting for you there.”

I have included some links below of organizations providing help and refuge.

♥ All of my love and light ♥


~ Jennifer





**Image courtesy: http://deography.com/?tag=the-triumph-and-tragedy-of-being-human**

Once Upon A Time.

“Perfect love casts out fear. Where there is love there are no demands, no expectations, no dependency. I do not demand that you make me happy; my happiness does not lie in you. If you were to leave me, I will not feel sorry for myself; I enjoy your company immensely, but I do not cling.  I have no fear of losing u, for you aren’t an object of my property, or anyone else’s. I love you as you are, without attachment, without fears, without conditions, without egoism, trying not to absorb you. I love you freely because I love your freedom, as well as mine.”

– Anthony de Mello

Once upon a time there was a little girl who believed in perfect love.  You know the love of which I speak, the kind you see in the movies where two people must go through endless struggles along the path to finding themselves and in the process they find one another, and live happily ever after!  This little girl grew up and found that life couldn’t be summed up into one tiny romantic drama, or could it?  Through all of life’s circumstances, the ups, the downs, watching all of those around her experience the same in a million different ways, the little girl came to a realization about her old beliefs in love.  She realized, she was right.  Do you want to know a secret?  Love really is all its cracked up to be.  That’s why so many are cynical about it.  We fear what we think we cannot have or believe we do not deserve and as a result people treat each other through acts of fear instead of love, leading to unhappy and unhealthy relations.  People become frightened, mislead, sad, angry, resentful and yes cynical.   The father of psychoanalysis would call these emotions and the actions that follow “Defense mechanisms”.  We develop Defense Mechanisms to help us cope.  They are psychological strategies of the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality.  Examples of Defense Mechanisms are Denial, Projection, Repression, Identification, or Rationalization and so on.   As healthy individuals we use different defenses throughout life. However, An ego defense mechanism becomes problematic only when its persistent and leads to maladaptive behavior such that with physical and/or mental health.  Defense mechanisms are commonplace for individuals avoiding any real and healthy relationships and the reasons vary and are as unique as the individual themselves.  Yet, the truth, if we so choose to believe is that nothing is truly out of our reach.  We all deserve love, even perfect love.  When I use the word perfect I am not suggesting that two perfect people come together to make a perfect love.  Rather, what I believe is that two imperfect people come together to create a love that is perfect for them, a love that is their own unique expression, allowing one another to be who they are fully in love.

Love is perfect, it is we who are intrinsically flawed and so our way of loving, how we love, whom we choose to love and the love we accept is based on our own experiences in life starting with the moment we are born.  Our neurological connections were formed in relation to love quite early on through our families or lack there of, our surroundings and environment and karmic relations right up until this moment.  As infants our Neurons are like blank pieces of paper, pure with infinite potential.

“It is the experiences of childhood, determined by which neurons are used, that wire the brain as surely as a programmer at a keyboard reconfigures the circuits in a computer. Which keys are typed — which experiences a child has — determines whether the child grows up to be intelligent or dull, fearful or self-assured, articulate or tongue-tied.”

Love is no exception; our brain has formed connections in relation to the love we have received in the past, regardless of the quality and quantity.  The brain is continuously evolving and creating new connections between neurons. These connections make everyday life possible.  We continuously build understandings based on our prior experiences and information and much of it is believed to be developmentally dependent on external stimulations.  As humans we possess a collective ability to act and react in an ever-changing world.  What we must realize is that neurological connections can and are recreated every day by visualizing and through repetitive thought followed by action.

“Neurons create new connections and reorganize the structure of the brain through the process of learning. Humans learn every day, so our brains are constantly being reorganized. However, we also have the unique opportunity to shape our own neural network rewiring by directing our learning process. Learning can be as simple as thinking about something and consciously trying to change our mindset.”

At this point you may be asking yourself, “And why do I need to know this stuff????”  Because we are as biological as we are spiritual, a soul with a body.  So, what is so wonderful at the prospect of rewiring our brains?  The possibilities are endless.  The brain cannot tell the difference between what images we imagine are real or fake, it is only reinforced by the emotions and belief systems we attach to our visualization, that is the power of intention!  This is why it is no coincidence that those who visualize their intentions, those who reinforce their intentions with actions, those that have faith and believe in themselves and their dreams are able to create physical manifestation of the lives they have envisioned.  It is the same with love.  We have always been given full responsibility for how we choose to express our love; it just may have not always felt that way especially in moments where we felt we were being harmed for no obvious reason.  Of course this happens, but there is always a reason, always a lesson.  We can get back up and treat others the same, in turn negatively affecting our intake and outsource of love, or, we can turn the hurt around and give all of the love we have inside of us to keep going in order to attract a healthy love.

How we love defines us.  The way we love, how we love ourselves and love those around us directly affects every aspect of our lives.  In combination with our experiences, our spiritual evolution and our awareness of the meaning of love, we create our reality and in turn attract whatever love and energy we put out.  Some would describe their past and present experiences with love as great and some would describe their experiences with love as horrible yet, this doesn’t make any one of us incapable of perfect love.  In fact, it’s just the opposite.  What is crucial in the process of being able to accept healthy love is allowing the constant judgment of ourselves to melt away, helping to consciously and actively create new neurological connections in the process.  We tend to judge ourselves quite harshly and most of it is unconscious.  At the prospect of receiving love from someone we are interested in, all of the sudden our bodies, what we are wearing, how we speak what we do isn’t good enough, and this may not be apparent at first but I see it everywhere!  People do not even realize they are doing it, or they do realize it but it is accepted behavior because these judgments stem from insecurities they have about themselves.  We need to stop assuming the role and viewing ourselves through the eyes of others in order to find out whether we are capable or deserving of love.  Of course we are, every last one of us, and it can be hard to see at the time but if someone is judging us it is best we let him or her go.  We are all where we need to be and if we are in relationships or in the company of people who can not appreciate who we are in the moment, if they can not love us fully then they do not deserve to be apart of our lives.  We all have parts of our lives we are working on, and that is great!  This is what is so miraculous about our species, that even with our own individual fractures, we are all capable of finding it within ourselves to love another more then we could ever truly imagine or describe.  More possibly, then the human brain will ever be able to process, a love, perhaps that can only be felt by the heart, with spirit and through the soul.

So many souls I have met along my path have a fear so strong of being left behind, that they have never really started anything substantial in their lives with regards to relationships.  There are layers upon layers to why this is such as psychological, sociological, spiritual and karmatic and each unique to the individual however the answer for all is the same.  We have everything we need inside of us.  If we have a fear of being left or cheated on or anything else then address that head on but know that whatever we do, the most important part of the process will be facing ourselves and finally understanding that there is not anything anyone can ever truly take away from us.  Nothing is ever lost, and that includes every part of us.  Throwing away every last judgment, loving ourselves, loving every piece is the answer; it is the first step leading to everywhere.  We are ever-evolving beings and so if we can just grasp the fundamental idea that we already belong to each other, that there is no need to possess and instead to embrace, we ourselves can and will in fact experience perfect love.

At this point some of you may be thinking in your head of your significant other or prospective partner and how there are things about them that do not resonate with you.  This is where I ask you to go within, to ask yourself if the love you feel and have is your own, or is it karmic in nature?  By karmic I mean a relationship that may not have come to you for love everlasting but for reasons of both souls spiritual advancement.

 These karmic relations are just our souls way of having us experience life and learn the lessons we find ourselves having to repeat.  Every karmic relation is unique in its nature but I will say that I have learned to tell the difference by measuring the amount of energy being shared.  Mostly you can tell a karmic relationship when there is one particular individual who has more of a “takers” energy where as the other person in the relationship holds the “givers” energy.  I have learned to spot these a mile away and see the karmic tie through and sever it quickly.  When we tie up these karmic relationships we close a chapter, we’ve learned a new lesson and ultimately are closer to holding that perfect love within ourselves, acting as a beacon of light for our perfect love.

 If all I have written sounds a little too fairy tale for you that’s ok.  However, I ask of you one favor.  When it happens for you, come back to this blog and tell us your story, because whether you believe in it or not everything is possible.  Until then I will be here, believing in it for you.  🙂

♥ All of my love and light ♥


~ Jennifer

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Just as I created my blog I was fortunate enough to have an article written about my blog and myself for Examiner.com, by Lightworker and incredibly talented author Sherri Cortland!

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♥ All of my love and light ♥




**Photo credit: Jennifer Santaniello**

Be Your Own Hero.

Tonight my wonderful friend Aryn and I spent some time moon bathing beneath this nights miraculous Blue Moon.  We spoke of and expressed our gratitude for all within this universe, especially that Blue Moon.  At some point Aryn and I decided to sit separately and meditate with our crystals in hand.  I sat there peacefully as I found myself on a New York City rooftop.  As I gazed up in wonder at the bright glowing full moon, I could feel it’s cleansing light wash over me and hold me, with no obstructions.  There was only that sky and that moon as I sat and let it illuminate me and all within its reach, wrapping everything in thick shades of blue.  In the distance the silhouettes of New York City rooftops rested against a rich navy sky, no interruptions with the exception of a few visibly sparkling stars.  As I sat upon the rooftop of this tall building I couldn’t help but giggle to myself because the building I sat upon reminded me of the movies.  You know the kind I speak of in which Spiderman or any other comic book hero with a city backdrop could pop up at any given moment with the intention of rescuing a trouble or trapped soul!  When I was finished with the amusement of my own comical thoughts I realized something profound.  Something I had learned the hard way but felt reassured and confirmed within my present thoughts.  I looked up at that moon and I realized that it was I.  I was the hero, as with Aryn and as with each of you reading this.  You are your greatest asset; you are your own hero, if you allow yourself to be.

I am sure many would love to read to me the dictionary definition or even their own personal interpretation right now of what a hero is, and some of you may even become uncomfortable with the ease at which I use the word, but it doesn’t affect how I feel or what I believe in the least.  It took a long time, a bumpy, heck sometimes down right broken road to figure this out, that I and only I could and have saved myself.  Yes, I’ve had wonderful brilliant teachers, family and friends and still do but ultimately, it is I who decides each day to get up and give this life every ounce I have.  It is I who chooses each day to believe, no matter what the day may hold.  We will have many persons along the way that question our ideas, our choices in life with regards to who we choose to spend our time with and how, our motives, our drive, our passion and some will even challenge who it is we choose to be but I am here to tell you that, that doesn’t matter, it never has and it never will.  Investing in ourselves, investing in our dreams, in our beliefs and seeing them through regardless of the naysayers is what makes us, us.  Its faith and intention that walks us home; it is what allows us to get back to ourselves and ultimately rises us up to where it is we are meant to me.

Love and accept yourself without question!

All I can feel right now is the pounding of my heart, she has opened widely before this blue moon before you all, as my soul rises letting all life and love flow through to receive all of the gifts I am to receive.  I wish this all for you, right now.  This blue moon tonight is about soul growth it is about bringing what’s hidden to the surface with the law of attraction in full force through transformation.  If you are still awake it isn’t too late, go meet that Blue Moon head on.  Release and detach from centuries and eons of past life entanglements with all areas of life that may be hindering your growth and advancement.  Go now, and act on what is good for you and all, whatever that may mean for you personally, both in thought and action.

♥ All of my love and light to you always ♥


~ Jennifer

**Photo Credit: http://www.latinospost.com/articles/3532/20120831/blue-moon-august-2012-blue-moon-beer.htm**