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Month: January, 2013

I Trust You.


“Trust each other again and again. When the trust level gets high enough, people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities for which they were previously unaware.”  ~ David Armistead – Professor

A child is born with a knowing, an inherent trust, a love that is either both reinforced and nurtured, or stunted, unmet or even denied.  A child is born with the capacity of encompassing complete and utter trust for everyone and anything.  Its faith is birthed with its inception; it’s first heartbeat and breath.  If a child is raised with a family that has reinforced this preexisting state, this inherent trust then the child will live, move, act through this belief system, for it is given no other reason to believe otherwise.  I was reminded of this while playing games with my baby cousin of 18 months.  It became apparent to me that no matter what, she knew I would catch her, as she would leap into my arms off the bed.  Even with my back turned and in running distance, she knew I would do absolutely anything possible to be there as she leaped forward.  She never expected anything less.  She trusts me with her life completely.  This kind of love reaches deeper then any root, stretches farther then any horizon and lasts far beyond any one lifetime.

What of the kids that have never had this reinforcement?  Those who do not know what it feels like to have a love and trust behind them, to know that if they jump and when they jump there will be someone there to catch them no matter what.  Through my work I have observed the life of children who were never given a chance.  Whose pure and inherent trust was lost, when the hands expected to catch them, did not.  On the streets we see it all of the time.  I have had this discussion many times, it seems we are always privy to public displays and situations where children are being mistreated, yelled at, and cursed at, spoken down to, beat, and much worse. Many times these children are less then 8 years old.  If these parents are performing and treating their children this way publicly, can you even dare to imagine what goes on in their private lives?  Freighting.  The hurt, embarrassment and long term emotional damage is inescapable in these cases and leads to a future string of emotional and physical abuse for the innocent who have no idea how to process such harsh mistreatment and injustice.

We are the builders of our children, our children’s children and all of those connected.  We are co-creators of their character, their judgment of themselves and others, their measure and value, we help to create the system in which they use to walk through their lives and most importantly we help to build their beliefs and experiences of love and trust, not only for themselves but for all those around them.  It is our responsibility, and what many refuse to acknowledge, our privilege to nurture and raise each child with the knowing that they are eternally loved and capable of absolutely everything.

When we choose love, we are actively building a nation of children that will help to end ailments, war and many other injustices.  What so many choose to ignore is that, it starts with us.  People find it hard to conceive that we hold that much power, but we do.  These innocent, trusting children are built with everything needed to come out as pure light, loving to the up most capacity.  It is up to us to hold that light and love for them so that they can reach higher and go further then all who have come before them.

We hold the power, I trust you, I trust that you will do the right thing and love each child wholeheartedly.

“When a family is free of abuse and oppression, it can be the place where we share our deepest secrets and stand the most exposed, a place where we learn to feel distinct without being “better,” and sacrifice for others without losing ourselves.”  ~ Letty Cottin Pogrebin – Editor, Writer

Please, if you ever witness any injustice towards any child, report it, you will be saving lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Links below to those helping fight and save our children:







Love and light,

~ Jennifer

**Photo credit – http://www.multiculturalchildren.org/project-introduction-overview-2/**

Full Circle.

When we follow our hearts, when we are truest to our soul, we come to realize that our deepest wounds along with our most challenging events in life become our greatest assets.  In refusing to give up on others and ourselves, what seemingly harmed or plagued us has the potential to morph into our souls work, our mission, and our purpose.  If we are fortunate enough, we can help and teach others through our toughest life lessons.  Sometimes we are able to see our past, our struggles and pains in the people we grow to love, to teach and help.  This can bring us affirmation that every hardship, turmoil and emotional beating meant something, that it had meaning, the best really.  In essence we are able to feel as though we have come full circle, having rose up above our pain and confusion to help others do the same.

My dear friend Rod has done just that, and has blessed us with his lessons through this letter and article he has written.  My desire is that each of you reading this benefit in multiple ways, from his incredible story, experiences and words and that you pass this on to all you feel will benefit from his story.

“My baby girl was upset on the ride home, it’s too detailed to post, but I heard it in her words that she was being ’round-a-bout’ something. As soon we got home I asked, “Did you wish your dad had called you on your birthday?” She curled up into a small ball fell into my arms and cried. She just wanted him to call to show that a small part of him thinks of her, her words. That’s all. She’s been trying to be so strong and keeping it together for so long that in one question, the weight of that answer flowed out in hot tears uncontrollably.

Before this day I often imagined what I would say to my younger self to make him understand why his father wasn’t there for him. I was granted my wish. I saw so much of myself in that instance that I felt that I’ve come full circle. Thank you.

She’s such a beautiful young lady (annoying most times!) but so beautiful. I can’t understand how people can’t muster up the courage to see their kids? Just show up. It means the world to them. They can be loved by the entire world, but they will never see that if the very people they want love from don’t even acknowledge their existence.

Stop being cowards

Show up

Take your licks and take them out

Kids don’t understand the value of money

They only understand the value of attention

Just love them”

by Rod Perez

Thank you Rod, for sharing this and allowing me to post an article about your personal experiences and writing.  Thank you for being so selfless, for transcending and rising above the pain so that others may heal as well.

Please find a similar and detailed article below, written by the incredible artist and writer Rod Perez.  As well, please visit Rod’s artist link with all of his mindful and beautiful art, enjoy!

Effects of Absentee Fathers on Boys Article:


Rod Perez

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All of my love and light,

~ Jennifer

 **Photo Credit: Art piece by Rod Perez**

A Story of Light Facebook Page.

Hello all of you beautiful souls!  I have created A Story of Light Facebook page and would love to share it with you all!

A Story of Light blog and Facebook page have been created out of the desire to assist all souls in their mental, physical and spiritual evolution. In addition to the blog postings, I will be posting quotes and bits of creative and intuitive knowledge daily! Enjoy and I look forward to each and every interaction with all of you beautiful souls!


♥ Love and Light ♥

~ Jennifer

Out With The Old, In With The New?



Commonly, each year millions of people eagerly set goals and resolutions for the New Year, which I believe to be a wonderful tradition. It is healthy to always reach higher; it reminds us of where we are, where we are going and where it is we intend to be. As well, I believe envisioning and setting forth our greatest intentions are key manifestation techniques at their finest. What doesn’t sit well with me is that New Year after New Year with certain mainstream advertising and shared company gimmicks we are asked to, “start over!” Or “start a new life!” To forget the old and start the year off as a new person! Why is that and what if I don’t want to start anew? I have a sh*t load of hard work behind me, we all do! Many choices were good and some were really bad, but it has led us to where we are today, which is exactly where we need to be. We are where we are because of every single choice, every single thought and action we have made and so I am not willing to throw that away. It is as if so many force Dissociative Amnesia with the start of a New Year and move forth with the intention to ignore what came before. However, for any who have tried this know, it is never truly possible. For those of us that have created positive change, including myself, it is because of all of our past experience and life’s hard lessons and there is beauty to be found in that. Everything has its time and the more we try to force change the opposite occurs, stagnation. Most view time as linear, but really time is cyclic. What ever has plagued us in the past, whether it is our broken relationships work or personal, abuse of substance or eating and even illness, will find its way to us until we work through it regardless of how many “New Years” we begin.

Starting anew doesn’t come with a date on the calendar, it comes within each of us the minute we realize our own power to create the change we need and desire. We don’t have to wait for a special time of year to create and become who it is we see ourselves to be. True change comes in realizing our gifts and the enormous power behind our every word, thought and action. Everything we do sets forth a ripple effect, this is something we should never want to escape for it is where we learn our most significant lessons. It is in these cycles that we are reminded of who it is we are, it is what gives us the strength to change and become our brightest selves.

2012 was a year of transformation and growth, and moving into 2013 many of us will now hold the keys to integration and balance. We are all in the process of releasing a long, long cycle with the beginning of this New Year. I myself have recently come out of an old cycle that began to self-destruct last June. Since then, I have found my hearts true passion and in doing so and taking action, it has set forth a string of incredible happenings and meetings. With so many of us entering into a new cycle at this time, we are beginning to look at ourselves, our relationships and the world around us very, very differently. It is as if the blinders have been taken off our eyes. We are realizing that the situations and people of our past are actually not what they appeared to be and although there is a sadness attached to this, we are evolving into a very, very new energy. Many of us in the next few months will begin to feel grounded and begin to feel our power more then we ever have.

Within our deepest relationships we are ready to let go of the mental fatigue we have had in all areas because there are new paths opening up for us. Some of us may feel as though parts of us have died, but at the same time those parts of us are being reborn and we are going to recognize the opportunities with open and clear eyes. Many will feel as though they have been released from bondage with regards to relationship and work and these areas will open up for us in the coming months, in the most incredible ways.

We must always trust the part of us that is all knowing. There has to be an integration of consciousness, we must wake up to the truth that each of us is a creator and co-creator. It is time for all to begin to use both logic and intuition to help us to see the world around us; to perceive the world as it really is rather than how it appears to be. This next year will be about finding balance. This is the perfect time to integrate our spiritual nature with our physical nature. Our spiritual and physical 3D aspects “hold two polarities that when balanced and integrated birth love and compassion through creativity and healing.” Healing comes when all aspects of what we have been resisting come into balance. As a result we become more whole, more balanced. Let this be a time to connect our human and divine aspects, because our evolution depends on it. I believe it is paramount to remember that the relationships we have to ourselves and with all of those around us is what is most important. Waking up and becoming aware of the world around us, and not just beginning to notice its fractures but finding the humility within to care enough to want to help, is what in fact will facilitate the change so many of us desire.

Recently I came across countless stories of persons that had preformed heinous acts on themselves and others, only to find out that these individuals had been sick, mentally ill for years without anyone seeing to it that they seek the help needed. When we as a people fail or when insurances, large corporations and governments fail to provide aid for those mentally ill, it falls upon the innocent in one way or another. Working from within the mental health industry, I can tell you one of the main causes individuals are unable to receive the help they need is money. Insurances hold all the power and dictate who gets the help. Regardless of how ill someone is if the insurance companies cannot benefit they will not provide the help needed. I am not the first or the last to say it but the powers in charge use money as a means of control. Money is not the enemy, and any power of manifestation video or audio will explain this. It is more so how we have been conditioned to view and use money that has led us to believe this. Let this be the year we reevaluate the world around us and all the people and living creatures who inhabit it, our programed beliefs with relationships with money, abundance, prosperity and most importantly let this be the time to reevaluate our relationship with ourselves and our intentions so that we may become aligned with our true purposes in life and love. What is a good way to start? If you are someone in need of support, support another. If your desire is to be loved, love others. If you want to be heard, listen to others and finally if you wish to receive, give to others. In adopting these practices we exercise the intention within ourselves and attract it to us just the same. Once we have peace within ourselves the manifestation of unconditional love, prosperity, peace, and balance fills us, allowing it to overflow to all others.

I read about these wonderful ideas online and I am sharing them in hopes that you may consider them as well. I have decided to write 5 things I have left behind in 2012 for the betterment of my mental and physical growth. As well, I have a mason jar for 2013 and when something good happens to me, I will write it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar to read for the next year. So many of us forget, yet when we are reminded of all the good that has come our way we become surprised that we hadn’t remembered. This is a great exercise for the spirit and mind to keep present all the wonderful things that make us happy. When we are present in the moment with gratitude regardless of our current situations, more of what brings us joy and happiness will flow to us.

In this next year, may you manifest an abundance of love, joy, prosperity and peace, more so then ever before!

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Love and light to all,
~ Jennifer